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Enable Others to Act-HLW

No description

Dale O'Neill

on 6 June 2014

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Transcript of Enable Others to Act-HLW

Enabling Others to Act
Enabling Others to Act
Give a time in your life when you have exemplified real leadership or have seen someone else who has done it?
Tips to enabling others to act...
To turn the Magic Carpet over, without touching the ground surrounding the carpet

Can not carry participants.
Can not step off the carpet.
Can only touch the carpet with your feet.
Magic Carpet

Create a climate of trust.
Facilitate positive interdependence.
Support face-to-face interaction.
Make sure to:
What does enabling others mean to you?
Two Principles:
Fostering Collaboration
1. Create a climate of trust
2. Facilitate positive interdependence
How do you create trust?
Strengthening Others
1. Generate Power all Around
3. Provide Choice
2. Assign Critical Tasks
4. Develop Competence and Confidence
5. Foster Accountability
Why do you think we like to be in charge?
What does it mean to enable others to act?
Empower others by building trust so that everyone can be active participants in the group and feel like valued members
Develop other leaders skills and capacities
Commitments of Leadership:
Foster collaboration by building trust and facilitating relationships
Strengthen others by increasing self-determination and developing competence

"The conductor of an orchestra does not make a sound...His true power derives from his ability to make other people powerful."

-Benjamin Zander, Author of "The Art of Possibility"
Building a trusting environment in which people trust you as a leader and trust one another as peers
Trust-building activities
Hold one another accountable for completing tasks
Focus on relationships- get to know one another and make others realize you care about them and their efforts
Help others realize their potential and gain confidence in leadership abilities

Why is this difficult?
Difficulty trusting others to get things done; you would rather do them yourself
Power hungry- selfish desire to hold all the power to tell others what to do and receive all the recognition
Leaders must have two fundamental skills to foster collaboration
Trusting others pays off!
Be the first to trust
Be open to influence
Share Information and resources

Develop cooperative goals and roles
Support norms of reciprocity
Structure projects that promote joint support
Support face-to-face interactions
Describe an experience working with a leader who did not "enable others to act."
Your group is on a magic carpet ride, high above the fields of the surrounding country side. You suddenly realize that you are going in the wrong direction, because the carpet you are riding is in fact, up side down! Since you are no longer touching the ground, you must turn the carpet over, without stepping off the carpet!
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