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How to create a QR code

No description

Stephan Schmidt

on 26 August 2014

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Transcript of How to create a QR code

What is a QR code?
QR codes were first designed for the automotive industry
in Japan

QR is short for
Quick Response

3 Main types of QR codes
Free text
Learning with QR codes is fun
Think of one way how
could embed
QR technology in
WH&S aspect when working on a computer
How to create a URL type QR code
What do WE think?
Can you see any use within SES Training?
How to create a QR code
...ways to use a QR code in Education
Have you seen this before?
QR code examples
Who has a mobile phone?
Who has a smartphone?
Who can recommend an App?
If so, where? - Do you know what it is?

Where & How to find QR code generators?
Objectives - 30 min Session
It allows to
encode over 4000 characters
in a two dimensional barcode.
A QR Code is a
two-dimensional barcode
that is
readable by smartphones & tablets
by using a
QR code reader
Contact details/ Business card
URL links

What is a QR code?
Three main QR code types
How to use QR codes in Education?
How to create a URL type QR code?
Demonstration/ Practical Activity
At the end of this session I will provide you with resources that suggest
very interesting ways to use QR code in a training environment
Have you ever build your own QR code?
Where & how to find QR Code generators
Source: http://www.lifehacker.com.au/2013/08/clever-ways-to-get-some-exercise-at-the-office-or-any-small-space/
Source: http://www.safety.uwa.edu.au/health-wellbeing/physical/ergonomics/workstation
Compared to the
basic barcode
, which is
Step 1 & 2 - Have QR code generator & YouTube website open in separate tabs/ windows in your browser
Step 3 - Choose URL type
Step 4 - Find video
Step 5 - Locate video URL
Step 6 - copy video URL
Step 7 - Return to QR code generator
Step 8 - Paste URL
Step 9 - Start save process
Step 10 - File name
Step 11 - Choose File type
Step 12 - Save QR code image
More QR code resources
QR codes in the classroom http://slidesha.re/1mIVPoS
40 interesting ways of using QR codes in the classroom http://slidesha.re/1kYdwwb
QR Codes in Adult Education (40min video) http://bit.ly/1yoLguK
Recap today's session
Next session
How to insert a QR code image into a learning resource
How to install a QR reader on your mobile device & use it
Session resource available at: http://bit.ly/1zH75Hr
What is a QR code?
How to use QR codes in Education?
How to create a URL type QR code?
Where & How to find QR code generators?
What are the three main QR code types
...at the end of this session there will be a evaluation that you need to fill in
One example of how to use
QR codes in a teaching/ learning situation
(to any website)
(link to a video URL)
: approx. after 60min for 5-10 min)
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