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The Mersey Forest tour

Click the triangle icon to load the tour

The Mersey Forest

on 2 September 2014

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Transcript of The Mersey Forest tour

The Forest area
starts up here
in Sefton
It continues through
Merseyside, Warrington
and Halton
Overall this means since 1991
we've turned this...
Into this...
And with your help
we can turn it into this!
Help us to do more. Find out how you can become involved in the Forest on your doorstep:

Hi there.
The first thing to know on our tour is that
The Mersey Forest is no ordinary forest...
For a start, it's not just a single site,
far away from where people live.
Instead, it's right on people's doorsteps:
with lots of different woodlands to explore,
plus street trees and other greenery too.
Think of it as a patchwork
that's spread all across Merseyside and North Cheshire. Let's check it out...
To brand new community
woodlands like this one
launched at Mab Lane
Including visitor hotspots
like Formby's pinewoods
As well as whole
Forest Parks being created
Last but not least,
The Mersey Forest
extends into
North Cheshire
So there's no shortage
of places to explore!
From street trees brightening
Knowsley neighbourhoods
In Warrington, The Mersey
Forest includes revamped
green spaces like Euclid Park
And in Halton outdoor classrooms
help kids to reconnect with nature
Helping volunteers to care
for sites like Northwich's
Marbury Country Park
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