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Copy of Figurative language for Pharrell Williams "Happy"

No description

Geraldine Jones

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Figurative language for Pharrell Williams "Happy"

Similes in "Happy"
Personification in "Happy"
personification: a metaphor that gives human qualities/traits to nonhuman things
Pharrell is saying that there is a lot of bad news that is going on. This makes it seems that the bad news is actually saying something, which is not possible
One example of a personification in "Happy" is when Pharrell says "bad news talking this and that"
Onomatopoeias in "Happy"

Onomatopoeia: words that imitate their sound
My analysis on this is that, when Pharrell says the verse, the background choir is answering, "YEAH!"
One example of an onomatopoeia in "Happy" is when the background choir yells "YEAH!", after some of the verses.
Simile: comparing two things using like or as
Idioms in "Happy"
Figurative language for Pharrell Williams "Happy"
Now read it.
if you can't read it, then I might as well not tell you
What, you need glasses?
one example of a simile in "Happy" is when he says "... like a room without a roof." He is asking you if you are very happy.
But I will because I have to show this report because if I didn't, I would get an F in reading
Similes make something kind of boring(clap along if you feel happy) to something more, maybe, "exciting," like what is says in the song
Idiom: A common phrase
or speech not to be taken seriously
An example of an
idiom in "Happy"
is when Pharrell says "I'm a hot air balloon that can go to space".
Pharrell really isn't a hot air balloon. This just means that he is really happy.
And last but not least, rhyme in "Happy"!
Rhyme: the
last syllable of
words have
an identical
An example of a rhyme in "Happy" is when Pharrell says "...crazy what I'm 'bout to say" and when he says "...baby by the way".
An example of a rhyme in "Happy" is when Pharrell says, "...what I'm 'bout to say" and when he says, "...baby by the way".
I think that Pharrell was trying to make the song more cheerish and catchy.
Mood and tone of "Happy": the mood of this song is, obviously, happy, and the tone is the same. This is also the reason why I chose this song to prezi about- it makes me happy!
Author's purpose for making the song "Happy":
Pharrell's purpose for making this is because he is happy of his recent success of the well known hit with Daft Punk, "Get Lucky", and of his other successes in music.
The theme of "Happy": the theme of the
song happy is that, even if there are bad
things in life, focus more on the good things
that make you happy.
I hope you like this report and the song that I made it on!
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