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5 Girls, 3 Days, No Wi-fi

A Camping Odyssey

Not Elise

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of 5 Girls, 3 Days, No Wi-fi

A Camping Odyssey
5 Girls, 3 Days, No Wi-fi
Every year during Memorial Day and Labor Day, my family and our family friends go camping for 3 days at Kerr lake. There are 5 children my age, Kelly, Kristen, Ginnie, Ginny, and me. We spend our time hanging out on our boat or playing cards or swimming. During this time, we have no access to cell phone service or internet service at all. My quest was to find a way to have fun and survive 3 entire days away from the internet.
By Elise Paliga
My friends and I all arrived at different times on Friday evening. Friday is the day when everyone unpacks and sets up our campsites. Afterward we just hang out and talk and try to do our homework together (which never really actually happens).
The Beginning
On Saturday morning, when we were about to put our boat in the water, it started to rain. We then had to wait half an hour extra before we could start boating so we waited on the boat in the pouring rain while it was still on dry land.
Saturday Morning: The Rain
After waiting until almost 2 in the afternoon, the rain finally cleared up so we could put the boat in the water. Boating is everyone's favorite part of camping. Normally, our group of families has 2 boats total, but this trip the other boat was broken so everyone had to take turns on our boat.
Saturday Afternoon: Putting the Boat in the Water
My friends and I finally getting to put the boat
in the lake
Saturday Evening
After getting off for lunch, it was the boys' turn to be on the boat and tube so we took a break and hung around for a while while we waited for it finally to be our turn to tube.
Finally, my friends and I got to go on the boat. We had fun tubing and swimming and being near the water.
After a fun Saturday of boating, everyone headed to dinner together on the beach. We went to bed around midnight. We tried to sleep but there was this irritating goose outside of our tent that kept honking and waking us up. Eventually we fell asleep anyway.
Saturday Night
When we woke up and ate breakfast my dad said we could go first on the boat. Everyone got ready and we asked him again but he said we'd have to go afterward because it was someone else's turn. My friends and I hung out in one of our campers and we played cards for an hour or so. When my dad came back with the boat he made us wait again for the boys to go, so more card playing ensued.
Sunday Morning
After a very long period of card-playing, it was finally our turn to go on the boat again. This new tube was really cool because we could control it spinning and going in and out of the wake by ourselves. It was awesome but the tube was hard to get up on.
Sunday Evening
Monday is the day when everyone packs up to leave. It is sort of depressing because our weekend is up but we all really want to get back to our phones and computers and lives. Overall we had a great time, despite limited time on the boat and a lot of rain. We have learned to play cards and go swimming to pass the time. It was a really fun experience. I look forward to camping at Kerr Lake every year.
Monday Morning
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