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American Education System

No description

Lynn Kovitch

on 22 March 2015

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Transcript of American Education System

My experience in the
American Education System

NH School System
In Public education
There are three levels to schooling -
Elementary School = Kindergarten- 5th grade
There are 13 Elementary Schools in Nashua

Middle School is 6th-8th
3 Middle Schools in Nashua

High School is 9th-12th
2 public High Schools in Nashua
There are around 1900-2000 kids in each of the High Schools
Details about my school
All students live in Nashua, and student can't choose which school to attend - schools are assigned according to where you live in the city.
Many 16 and 17 year olds drive to school and we have 3 Sections to our parking lot reserved for students
There are strict dress code rules on what you can or can't wear
It's still possible to get " Detention " where students sit for 1 hour after school in silence, with a teacher to watch over them.
Scurity- Two security guards, bulletproof doors and surveillance cameras in school. If a student left school to buy lunch they would be caught on the cameras and suspended,
It's very sports focused, at my school we even raised an NFL player Kendell Rayes but there are all types of students. There are clubs and sports fr al sorts of interests so that it gives each student something to be involved in.
Demographics :
75% White ; 6% Latino 4% Black ; 3% Asian and 1% Indian 3% other or two or more nationalities
The Public School system in America, differs depending on State Education Laws and City Education System.
For example my school system grades a certain way combining letter grades- A,B,C,D,F; credits earned and competencies met to determine your class rank and GPA/
.The town next to my city called Hudson uses mostly competencies,small projects that determine your understanding of the concept in class,and having shorter classes and more classes per day.. The high school kids have 6 short classes a day instead of 4 long classes.
Each state has a different system that adheres to Nationwide rules and regulations.
American Ed.
Regular School Day

The school bus would come to my neighborhood at 6:40, we get to school a bit past 7 and class start at 7:20.There's a security office,if you arrive right after 7:20 the doors lock,and you need an ID with a 10 digit number and bar-code to get in.
There's breakfast served everyday, and many kids who get free lunch also ( according to their parents income) eat breakfast in school.
Four 90 minute classes a day.We have those same 4 classes everyday until the Semester is over in mid/end January.
Since there are so many students there are 4 different Lunch times in the day.
Nearly 600 kids in my grade,,1900 in the school and around 31 kids per class.
Teachers teach 1 subject, the students have that teacher 1 semester for 90 minutes a day so students don't usually know their teachers very well.
School ends at 2:03 and if I take the bus home I don't get there until 2:40 from traffic
Special Things at Nashua High School North's Campus
CTE Program, 2 year 'job training' program- Culinary Arts, Welding, Automotive, Cosmetology etc.
A school store called "The T-stop" since our mascot is a Titan. They sell clothes and thing with the school logo - stickers, water bottles etc.
a Cafe called the North Star where the Culinary class makes desserts and fancier lunches to buy,.
An Auditorium, 2 large gym's, a workout room, a Career Center, Library/Media Center,an Art Wing a Botany Room and 4 computer labs.

My school
School Activites
We have pep rallies on Fridays before football / basketball games. This means candy, games, dressing up and funny performances. The whole week leading up to a Pep Rally is called spirit week and each day you dress up- 80's day, Toga day etc.. There are new themes each year.
There are many school sports and events. There are culture nights where students make food from their families cultural background, Honor Society awards, Scholarship nights, Clubs, Plays put on by Theater club, School Newspaper and many more things happening at school. Most kids find their time used on school related activities.
Fall Sports Cross-Country,Field Hockey,Football,Golf ,Soccer, Cheerleading, Volleyball
Winter: Basketball,Gymnastics,Hockey,Indoor Track and Field, Cheerleading
Spring: Baseball,Softball,Lacrosse,Track and Field,Tennis
& OVER 60 clubs you can join at school

Public school has no set direction, no Linje to pick from. Students take required classes and then whatever they have room in their schedule for are classes chosen by the student called Electives.
You pick classes the spring before the next year using an online catalog
There are no "Fast Klasse' The students in classes switch, when you switch classrooms for the next subject, you go into a new room full of 30 different students. The 4 classes you have in a day, those are the same 4 groups of students but only for 1 semester. This makes the school feel very big and impersonal.
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​There are a huge range of types of classes- all different sciences, Social Studies class choices, Electives and tons more.
Classes are ranked by level:
Foundations - Extensions - Honors - AP
AP classes which are the most difficult, classes, they last all year and count as college credit.
We also host SAT, PSAT testings multiple times a year for getting into college in the US, most schools require you to take these.
There are 2 standardized tests a year.Testing is a very normal way to check students and teachers' ability in the US, In my classes I took 3-5 tests every week in school.

In the 11th grade after NECAP testing and SAT's, students are pressured to start applying for colleges / universities. There are over 11 million 4-year Universities and Colleges in the US. The competition factor, struggle for high test scores, and well rounded extracurricular activities, plus the high cost of going to college makes the application process a stressful time for students.
The cost of school ranges from about $14,000 a year at a public institution to $38,000 a year at a private institution.
( 97.600 DKK to 265.000 DKK)
Prestigious schools like Harvard cost around $60,000 or 418.400 DKK per year.
This means applying to many scholarships, earning high grades to qualify for the scholarships unless they are sports related, and taking out loans to pay for the rest. The price stated isn't exactly real though if your parents make a certain amount of money per year and it is under the FAFSA 'bar' then it could be possible that the government or school itself pays some of your tuition and the rest will then be loaned out to you.
The average amount of loan debt a student accumulates is $23,200 or 161.790 DKK
Usual School Day
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