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3D technology

No description


on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of 3D technology

technology Stereoscopy ........1895......1900...............1927.................................1950s.......................................................................1990s....................2009........ they made it colourfull! nice to hear that we've got the sound now! but they were able to add only 2 colours:
not so bad, it was their first time... no more live music in cinemas:
pianists - you are fired! the expansion of multiplexes in Poland cinematography becomes commercial...
that's sad...
Avatar a milestone of the cinematography's development?
we'll think about it later... a very short story about the cinematography
living in 3 dimensions height length width seeing in 3 dimensions we can recogize that every object has it's own:
distance from us
location in a space

right eye
anaglyphs: looking for new experiences the 3d technology tried to jump into the cinemas,
but it seemed to be only a childish toy... flat picture
for the left eye flat picture
for the right eye 3d object Let's do the same! flat picture
for the left eye flat picture
for the right eye Stereopairs let's cheat our brains Holmes' stereoscope (1861) stereoscopy doesn't make holograms first film ever! "Workers Leaving the Lumière Factory"
length: 2 mins
of course black&white 3d TV 2010 - the year of 3d TVs active shutter glasses technology
LCDs and plasmas 3d movies at your home Blu-ray Disc (25GB per layer) 3d films on Blu-ray Discs 3d
new standard has been already announced (with backward compatibility) 25 games from 2010 FIFA World Cup was transmited in 3d - and shown in big cities
idea of 3d tv stations Avatar
Toystory 3
Alice in Wonderland
Cloudy with
a Chance of Meatballs
Shrek 4
Bolt Sony and Panasonic are in the lead,
but also LG and Samsung take part in this race 4d & 5d?! What da hell is going on? 3d starts boring people...
so why don't we add some new excitements? let's cheat our other senses:
smell and touch and let's have a move during a film! 5d cinemas in Poland there are few cinemas looking
(nearly) like this: First polish film 5d "Asylum" - a journey to a hostel for the insanes made by Virtual Studio
12 min smells, drops of rain, movement, blows of wind, feeling like insects are on your legs, and so on... Just feel it! What will be next? Note: name: RealD (circural polarization)
passive glasses with polarization Specification: Some technical knowledge:
how does it work? about film "normal" film is being displayed:
with one projector (or display, e.g. TV screen)
with 24 fps (frames per second) 3d film can be displayed in two ways: or with one film projector (or display):
then we need to have
48 (2x24) frames per second
- one for each eye with two film projectors (or displays):
two slightly diffrent movies
are being displayed simultaneously stays only a toy
good for magazines and books Note: cheap
nowadays, computers are able to add anaglyph effects "on the go" -
in the real time Adventages: Disadventages: awful colours!
causes headaches
and sickness Specification: name: XpanD
active glasses with LCD panels (battery needed)
synchronization with base via IR (infrared) Adventages: natural colours
good equipment doesn't make eyes tired the best technology for TV sets, monitors, projectors, video games quite expensive
glasses with battery are
a little heavy Disadventages: Adventages: doesn't need glasses Disadventages: a very young technology,
needs improvments
people have to look
at the screen
in particular way Note: glasses aren't comfortable,
so this technology is being
strongly developed Is there any problem? 20% of people have a haedache
5% of people can't see the 3d effects Note: the best technology for cinemas Adventages: natural colours
doesn't make eyes tired Disadventages: screen is covered with special meterial, it's expensive
picture is darkned making 3d films very expensive sport:
camera with two lenses
markers (sensors) for recrding actors' movements for example: Avatar project was born in 1990 in Cameron's head,
but he waited to 2005 for better technical support
Motion capture - technology for saving actors' movements
basing on sensors on their bodies and special cameras at first, programmers created fully-digital world - the Pandora Planet
during recording Cameron could see actors with the special effects -"on the go"! "Avatar is a festival of technologies" Radosław Redzik, 2c Other ideas: using lasers
using few projectors first 3d transmition in Poland:
25th Nov 2010 TVP HD:
"Bitwa Warszawska" - trailer kjhgah er[fgae
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