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Cameron Perkin

on 17 January 2011

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VITAMIN WATER Dihydrogen Monoxide or or Cane Sugar Created by Glaceau privately owned by Coca-Cola Is very high in vitamins A, B3, B6, B12, C , E, and Zinc But has 38 grams of sugar per 591ml of vitmin water, coke, on the other hand, has 39 grams per 355ml Citric Acid or Vitamin A or Vitamin B3 or Vitamin B6 or or vitamin B12 Vitamin C YUM!! Or YUCK!! or Vitamin E ZINC or Dihydrogen Monoxide is an enabling component in acid rain. With it's absense acid rain is no longer harmful. Too much vitamin E increases chance of mortality, but the correct amount helps fight off cancer. Vitamin B3, also known as niacin helps convert the food you eat into usable energy for your body. Cane sugar is used to slow down the setting of cement. The citric acid in coca-cola removes stains from enamel coated china. Vitamin B6 is need for the nervous and immune system to function efficiently. intelligent people have more zinc and copper in their hair Vitamin B12 bound to protiens in your food is released by the gastric acid in your stomach. This vitamin is essential for ones metabolism. It is possible to overdoes on vitamin A, but the correct ammount helps transmit images from your eyes to your brain. THIS IS WHERE IT'S AT Even So It's Still A Really Good Drink. So Next time you're drinking vitamin water just remember... On April.24th 2010 Coca-Cola was sued for misleading commercials. They were marketing vitamin water as a healthy drink even though it essentially is sugar water with some vitamins in it. And Just For Your Entertainment... THE END
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