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Emily Fowler PhD Interview

No description

Emily Fowler

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Emily Fowler PhD Interview

'How would you incorporate some aspect of your proposed research topic into your teaching?' Research Methods Youth in Context Benefits of treating young people as social actors History in disability and mental health services
Shift from 'consumerist' to 'democratic' participation (Beresford, 2002).
Issues with tokenism (Beresford, 2002). Professional Practice Critical practice Working in partnership Anti-oppressive practice For young people
For society
Social Research into one's own practice as vehicle for change
Subject-as-researcher (O'Brien, 2011)
Precise knowledge for specific situations (Bryant, 1996) Varieties of reflective journals
Written (physical/electronic)
Tumblr (or other blogs)
Vox pop
Photographs (Sontag, 1978) Framing led by data
Lacks specific procedures
Allows for use of varied data collection Bibliography Participant Action Research User-led Service Actively seeking to improve practice of self and institution (Schon, 1983).
Awareness of structures of oppression (Freire, 1972).
YCP works with Parents and Carers Team Sefton, Beacon, Sefton EIP, Parenting 2000, local schools
Have to work within and around other agency frameworks as well as their own.
Partnership with young people. Requires practitioners to examine own bias and act to change (Burke & Dalrymple, 1995).
Inclusive and accessible.
Application to working with young people. Framework Thematic Analysis Participation Culture Community Involvement
Youth Employment
Training opportunities
Culture of service
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