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I am awesome

Hailey Estella-Reyes

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of Fingerprints

Loops and Whorls
Arches and Other Kinds of Ridges
Arch- comes in goes up make an arch than leaves on the opposite side.
The Delta fingerprint
The Bifurcation fingerprint
By: Hailey Reyes
Fingerprint presentation
About Fingerprint
* When do fingerprints form?
* They form when you are 24 weeks old!
* They help you grip on to things!
* loops, whorls, and arches!
* Why do you need fingerprints?
* What are the three main fingerprint
ridge names?
Loops- come in from a certain way come up curve than exit the same way!
-Whorls come in and keep circling until it hits the middle than stops. It kind of looks like a target.
Island- an island is like a small dot in the middle of a bifurcation.
bifurcation- is where they both come art and then come back together
Subject- Science
Hook- is when there a line that hangs out and doesn't connect to anything.
Bridge- is like the hook but it connects to another line.
Delta- It kind of looks like a triangle, because it comes from the greek alphabet and it means triangle
What are fingerprints made up of?
accendential- No one reall knows why it is called accendential it just looks like everything mix into one.
The Accidental fingerprint
Any Questions or comments?

Finger prints are made up of,

98% of water.
2% of oil from the foods you eat.
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