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The Old Willis Place

Book prezi by: Lauren D.

william Skinner

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of The Old Willis Place

The Old Willis Place
by Mary Downing Hahn Prezi by: Lauren Dodge Main Characters Extra Character Setting and Theme Theme Place Setting Its harder to let go of bigger things than smaller. Old Willis Place. Around fall and winter, 2004 the mountains and fields Mrs. Willis The old woman after Diana
and Georgie Mac Duff Lissa and Mr. Morrison's dog Mr. Morrison Lissa's dad Nero Diana and Georgie's pet cat Diana The Narrator and sister to Georgie Brother to Diana. Protagonist Lissa Friend to Diana. Other scary books by Mary Downing Hahn: Summary Antagonist Georgie. Protagonist Diana and Georgie are two simple kids with
a mysterious past and rules that keep them from human contact until a new caretaker comes along with his daughter Lissa and dog Mac Duff. Diana becomes friends with Lissa even though her brother disagrees. This decision has a huge effect on Diana and Georgie's life when Lissa opens a door that should have stayed closed. Find out what happens next by reading The Old Willis Place. Important Props Alfie Georgie's teddy bear. The White Stag An Albino Buck The Standing
Grand Piano Mrs. Willis' pride and joy Thank You!
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