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A Hero's Journey- Hercules

No description

Erin Shen

on 15 December 2012

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Transcript of A Hero's Journey- Hercules

Following a Hero's Journey The Call to Adventure Hercules doesn't fit in in his town. His god-like strength makes him different from everybody else. When his foster parents tell him that he was found with a medallion that represents the gods, Hercules travels to the temple of Zeus. At the temple, the statue of Zeus comes to life and tells Hercules that he is his son and in order to become a god, Hercules must become a hero on Earth. The Herald The Threshold Hercules goes to a saytr named Phil. Phil agrees to train him to be a hero. The Threshold Guardian is Hercules because he knows that he needs a lot of training before he can become a hero. When Hercules is ready to be a hero, he travels to Thebes. Thebes is the Threshold. The Mentor Zeus, Hercules's father The Trickster Pegasus, Hercules's old pet
-He helps Hercules be the hero Phil, Hercules's trainer
-He trains Hercules to become a hero The Shapeshifter Meg is the shapeshifter because she works for Hades, but is also loyal to Hercules

-Hercules meets Meg when he is on his way to Thebes Challenges Thebes is plagued with many monsters and disasters. When Hercules comes to town, he is faced with a Hydra. Hercules manages to kill the Hydra and other monsters (wild boars, sea serpents, Minotaur) The Shadow Hades is the Shadow because he is the one sending all of the monsters to kill Hercules. His goal is to kill Hercules so he can release the Titans and take over Olympus. Challenges Hades releases the Titans. The Titans destroy Olympus and capture the gods. Hercules is able to defeat the Titans Abyss Meg gets crushed by a pillar and dies. Hercules is devastated because he loves her. Revelation Hercules goes from being sad about Meg's death to angry with Hades because her soul now belongs to him in the Underworld. This makes Hercules more determined to save Meg. Transformation Hercules knew that he would lose his god-like strength and probably die if he went into the Styx, but he makes the decision to jump into the river. He believes that he can save Meg all by himself. The Atonement Once Hercules jumped into the Styx, he lost his strength. He begins to slowly die, but he continues to swim towards Meg. Hercules’s willingness to die for Meg makes him a true hero. This restores his godhood and he becomes immortal. Hercules is able to save Meg and leave the Underworld with her. The Return/Gift of the Goddess Hercules successfully saves Meg from the Underworld and they end up in Olympus. Hercules is awarded with a medal of the gods and is offered immortality. Instead of accepting godhood, Hercules decides to spend his life on Earth with Meg, who is the gift of the goddess. Works Cited
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