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Navigating M&E in a complex world – New gaps and (KM) opportunities

Presented by Ewen Le Borgne at a United Nations M&E thematic working group retreat, Debre Zeit, Ethiopia, 22 January 2014


on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Navigating M&E in a complex world – New gaps and (KM) opportunities

1. New world
Increasing complexity
Decreasing opportunities ($) for development aid
Increasing opportunities to work on sustainable civic-driven initiatives
We can't manage this complexity, only facilitate our approach to deal with it
Difficult to tell effects, results, attribution, impact...
Stricter accountability,
Donors expect
more bang for the buck
Cooperate or compete
around scarcer resources
Start from the grassroots - that's the key to sustainability
Work your way up with engagement and participation (throughout)
Invest in local leadership capacity
the process with all parties involved...
Trust-building, sense-making, solution testing...
2. New work
Responding to complexity
Navigating M&E in a complex world
New gaps and (KM) opportunities
More partners

More participation
(bottom-up /
More cooperation, collaboration, coordination
More attention to the enabling environment
And more attention for intangibles!
- Learning
- Knowledge
- Capacity
More pressure to scale up!
... and more realisation that it's really hard to do so!
3. New M&E practices
How to improve M&E: Where KM(*) can help...
Gaps / opportunities
Moving away from mechanistic M&E – simple bean counting on one intervention to multi-everything (country, stakeholder, platform, year)
More opportunities to collect a lot of data and information
Balancing accountability with learning
Realising that not everything can be planned
9 purposes of M&E (Guijt, 2008)
Financial accountability,
Operational improvement,
Strategic readjustment,
Capacity strengthening,
Contextual understanding,
Deepening understanding,
Accepting that M&E is a great opportunity for everyone
Practice trends
More M&E for multi-stakeholder processes
Process documentation as complement to M&E
Big data monitoring
Negotiate with your donor
Quicker, shorter feedback loops
System-approach M&E
Logframe Vs. ToC / IP / OLM
Get your information systems in place
Set up & join discussion spaces
Reflect regularly, personally
Organise regular

collective reviews
Navigating M&E in a complex world
New gaps and (KM) opportunities

(Even though it doesn't look like it)
About me
On M&E
Better evaluation
The Pelican Initiative
Development impact
Documenting change - an introduction to process documentation
Knowledge Sharing Toolkit
Knowledge Management For Development
Harold Jarche's blog
Cognitive Edge / Dave Snowden
The Knowledge Core blog
Agile KM for me... and you?
All sectors of activity are connected / the farm is an integrated whole
Researchers, time to get your hands dirty!
Integration through 'blurred boundaries'
(*) What is KM?
Conversation + Documentation + Learning
At all levels
Turn M&E into the biggest opportunity to learn and deal, collectively, with change,
the bleeding edge
of development (research)!
More M&E of intangibles
More info at: http://prezi.com/sjxajomkqs-s/copy-of-the-tree-of-knowledge/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy
Web stats...
Production > Reach > Engagement > Influence > Outcomes
...and otherwise
Face-to-face trust, conversation, joint reflection, joint production, joint influence etc.
...emergent issues under the radar
Social capital, alternative change strategies, emotional ties...
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