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Cosmetic Giants - IMM

No description

Danielle Gould

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of Cosmetic Giants - IMM

Case analysis and presentation: 'Cosmetics Giants Segment the Global Cosmetics Markets'

Group members:
Makeda Alexander
Martin Eligon
Shaniece Beckles
Daniel Joseph
Shalon Alexander
Danielle Gould
The case deals with the world's best known cosmetic companies and the different strategies utilized to achieve success worldwide.
These strategies include: skillful global market segmentation , targeting and positioning.
Question 1
How do women’s preferences for cosmetics and beauty care vary?
What is segmentation?
What is Global Market

There are 5 types of segmentation:
Beauty is not a “one size fits” all. Beauty varies from country to country. It can be determined by one’s culture. For instance, the culture in China is different from that of India, Brazil and Japan.
Question 2
Assess Estee Lauder’s strategy for China. Does it make sense to focus on premium brands, or should the company launch a mass-market brand?
Estee Lauder is assessed based on current segment size and growth potential, potential competition, and feasibility and compatibility. Their current positioning strategy is Premium branding to the middle class.
Question 3
What is the best positioning strategy for Shiseido as the company expands in Asia? High Touch? High Tech? Both
Question 4
Do you think L’Oreal will succeed in changing the buying habits of Brazilian women?
Internationally, L’Oreal sells mainly through department stores and offers products of make-up and skin care.
In contrast, locally Brazilians purchase cosmetics directly from sales representatives and locals focus on hair care rather than make-up.
It’s not always that companies must adapt to new markets, sometimes they must educate and switch perspectives of the general population in order to become more profitable.
Hint : Groups people according to attitudes , interests , opinions and lifestyles .
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
What is Positioning?
Global consumer culture positioning (GCCP) is a strategy that identifies a brand as a symbol of a particular culture or segment.

Positioning refers to the act of differentiating a brand in customers’ minds in relation to competitors in terms of attributes and benefits that the brand does or does not offer.
Any questions ?
Thank you for your attention!
High tech vs High touch
High tech -
sophisticated , technologically complex and difficult to explain
specialized interests or needs and rational buying motives
Performance evaluation based on objective standards
High touch
- Consumers are energized by emotional motives rather than rational
Performance evaluation is subjective
Shiseido should choose a combination of both or a 'bipolar' approach.
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