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by Tom.S

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 13 November 2015

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Transcript of by Tom.S

Eritrea is a coastal country that's 117,600km2 .In Eritrea it is usually hot and dry.The population in Eritrea is 6 000 000 with a growth rate of 2.36% and the density is 62.70 %.In Eritrea the life expectancy for a male is 65 years of age and for a female it is 64 years of age.Major exports in Eritrea are gold,copper ore and coffee , which generates up to $3.09 billion. Major imports include large construction vehicles, pasta, wheat and raw sugar. The adult literacy rate is 80%.
Madagascar is a coastal island of Africa and it is 587 040km2. In Madagascar it's usually hot and rainy , in other words tropical.Madagascar has a population of 2 300 000 and it makes up 0.4 of the worlds population. Madagascar has a growth rate of 2.65%.The life expectancy in Madagascar for a male is 65 years old and for a female 69 years old.Major exports in Madagascar include raw nickel , knit sweaters, crustaceans, cloves and vanilla which generates up to $1.04 billion.Imports include petroleum, rice and cars. The adult literacy rate is 60%.
Similarities with Australia
- population
- tropical
- surrounded by water
what challenges do these countries face today?
Geography by Tom.S
Niger is a landlocked country in the north of Africa that is 1.267 million km2.In Niger it is hot and dry most of the time.The population of Niger is 17 000 000 with a growth rate of 3.32%.In Niger the average life expectancy is for a male 55 years old and for a female it is 56 years old.Major exports include radio active chemicals, refined petroleum and gold.which generates $251 million. Major imports include large construction vehicles and cereals. The adult literacy rate 35.1%.
Australia is a country and a continent in the southern hemisphere . Australia is an island nation covering 7.692 million km2. Australia's population is 23 739 232 with a growth rate of 1.8%. Australia makes up just 0.34% of the world population.The life expectancy for a male is 80 years old and for a female it is 84 years old. Major exports in Australia are iron ore, coal briquettes, gold and petroleum gas.Imports include cars and refined petroleum. The adult literacy rate is 99%.
- some desert
- some similar imports
- coastal
- dry and hot
In Madagascar people face the challenges of lack of education.
In the poor parts, people don't have enough to by a computer!
In Niger people face the challenges of farming. The desert is chasing the farmers away from their crops. About 80% of Niger is the Sahara desert . In Niger 90% of the population lives under the poverty line. They only earn up to $1 a day.They also face natural disasters such as droughts and floods.
Eritrea faces problems of rebuilding infrastructure after civil war and military conflict with their neighbours. The country is under a dictatorship and there are reported human rights issues . It is a very restricted country to enter.
What actions could be taken to respond to challenges facing developing countries today and in the future
As Australia is such a developed country, we are able to respond to these developing countries by offering programs , such as World Vision and Caritas to educate people in villages, improve farming, water, and infrastructure, as well providing education for a new generation. Through appeals and fundraising we can raise much needed money for the people in these countries.
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