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Group 9: Las Flores

No description

Loree Eduvala

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of Group 9: Las Flores

Group 9 Las Flores Project Objectives: Video Project Tools Feature Presentation Research - 15.1 million children in the United States take care of themselves between the time they get home from school and the time their parents come home

- obesity rates in children drastically increasing in low-income communities - McKinley Girls Health Club

- Founded in 2009 by Dr. Kathleen Roe

- Inspired by Alondra & Ceria

- supported by SJSU Health Science Department, the college of applied science and arts, and The Health Trust - With our video and poster, we hope to inspire other communities to create a club that instill healthy habits

- To promote health education Footage
Canon PowerShot SD1400 IS
Panasonic LUMIX
Edited with iMovie Las Flores
Rachelle Celeridad, Loree Eduvala, Christopher Lee, Pratik Patel,
Vanessa Rios, Rachelle Woodall Group 9
Las Flores Hosts: Abry & Aubrey http://futurodemckinley.org/en/lasflores.htm To This! *Cultivating the garden of tomorrow* Lessons Learned - Patience is key. Whether it is dealing with new technology or children, it is always important to have patience

- By communicating clearly with one another, it is easy to delegate tasks

- Time is of the essence. With everyone having such busy schedules, utilizing our time has helped get work done efficiently and effectively Key Insights/Ah-Ha Moments - Technology through SJSU Health Science Department has promoted Las Flores through documenting events at McKinley

- Camera battery dying on us during our first Las Flores meeting (good thing we brought two cameras!)

- The girls in Las Flores were shy at first, but quickly warmed up to us! Poster Project Methods - Photos taken with Canon PowerShot SD 1400 IS

- Poster designed with Adobe Photoshop Versión Española From This . . . The Pledge - Mini Spa

- Hs 104 McKinley Events Events
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