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Byrne Creek's Journey to Community School Status

Staff Meeting Presentation November 19, 2014

Iha Farquhar

on 12 November 2016

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Transcript of Byrne Creek's Journey to Community School Status

Byrne Creek's Journey
towards Community School Status

An Introduction to Burnaby's Community School Model
In Summary
To use the Burnaby School District's Community School Model and create a secondary school adaptation of this model to best support the health of the overall community.
The Overarching Goals of
Byrne Creek's 3 year Pilot
All steps have been deliberate, thoughtful, and responsive to community needs, with sustainability as the overarching goal.
The Four Focus Goals of Byrne's Pilot Project
The Six Goals of Burnaby’s Community Schools
To use the school and other neighbourhood resources and facilities more effectively for desired community programs

To strengthen the existing school curriculum and programs through greater involvement and use of available human, physical and financial resources

To develop a variety of educational, recreational, cultural and social opportunities for children, youth, and adults in response to needs defined by the community

To build community capacity as residents become involved in community activities, services and issues

To strengthen communications and engagement within the community

To facilitate interagency coordination, cooperation and collaboration
Family Support Services
Community Use of Facilities
After School and Summer Programs
Integrated Services with Agencies
and Organizations
Some examples of After school Programs at Byrne Creek:

PEDAL-Bike Club
Friends of Simon
Stream of Dreams
Passion Foundation
KRIB-Gym Drop In
Garden Club
Community Partners:
Are stakeholders
Donate time, money, resources
Connect and refer
The key to success is partnership development.
Overarching goal:
Sharing information and resources, and connecting people
Examples of Use:

After school workshops and activities
Capilano University - Justice High
Parent activities, workshops, groups
The F.O.R.C.E
Partnership activities:
Y.E.S. (Young Eritreans Standing for Hope)
National Black Women's Congress Family Day
Afghan Soccer Tournament
The Community School Coordinator position was created to further layer healthy supports, programming and opportunities for students and families not presently available at Byrne Creek.
1. What is working well at Byrne Creek?

2. What are the challenges you envision as we transition into a Community School?

3. How do you see your role as a Community School teacher?

4. How do you see your role changing?

5. What are the advantages of being a
Community School?

6. What supports do you need from the admin team?
Discussion Questions

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