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Module 5 Honors Assignment

No description

Jessi Skela

on 29 June 2013

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Transcript of Module 5 Honors Assignment

Module 5 Honors Assignment
Category 1
1. Who elects the President?
-The President is elected indirectly by the Electoral College. Citizens vote which candidate they want to be President and that gets sent to the electors.
2. What is the Electoral College?
-The Electoral College consists of electors. Electors pledge to submit their vote according to the majority vote of that population.
3. What powers does the President have?
-The ability to propose laws and programs to Congress, the power of being Commander-in-Chief, being able to appoint cabinet members, preparing the federal budget, receiving foreign ambassadors, being in charge of foreign policy, being able to approve and veto bills passed by Congress, and pardoning criminals
Category 2
1. What is the Foreign Policy Bureaucracy?
- The Foreign Policy Bureaucracy lets the President know how America's four major goals are being achieved around the world. It controls foreign affairs.
2. What is an ambassador?
- An ambassador is sent to a foreign country. This is a way the President carries out our foreign policy.
3. Describe international trade.
-In international trade, countries can make agreements as well as make embargoes and tariffs. These are all ways nations interact with one another.

Category 3
1. What does the Council of Economic Advisers do?
-This council consists of three members who aid the President make economic decisions such as dealing with unemployment, tax policies, and inflation.
2. What is the Cabinet?
-The Presidential Cabinet consists of several advisers that consult with the President on issues that relate to their corresponding department.
3. What are independent agencies?
-There are three types of independent agencies: executive agencies, regulatory commissions, and government corporations. Executive Agencies are responsible for specific areas. Regulatory commissions monitor government spending and ensure national safety. Government corporations are run by the government and charge a small fee with no income intended.
by Jessica Skela
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