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The Baby Farmers

No description

Makayla Everman

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of The Baby Farmers

Sarah and John Makin
"The Baby Farmers" By: Makayla Everman
1st Period
Mrs. May Sarah Makin Sarah was born on December 20, 1845, her father was a miller and a convict. She was the only daughter. Sarah was married to Charles Edward but later marred John Makin. She had a daughter with Charles and with John, they had five sons and five daughters. There wasn't much about childhood. John Makin John was born on February 14, 1845. He was the fourth of eleven children. After John was injured in an accident he had a hard time paying his medical bills. Him and Sarah eventually went into "Baby Farming". There wasn't much about his childhood. What is Baby Farming? Baby Farming was caring for illegitimate babies in exchange for payment. It was common in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Clients were mainly unwed mothers, prostitutes and deserted wives who needed help with their children. Mothers would pay to have their baby taken care of and later the baby would be adopted into a family. Sarah and John would take in babies and tell the mothers that they could come back any time to see them. When a mother would come to pay they would ask to see their baby. Sarah would make up excuses on why they couldn't see them. The makins would starve and smother the babies, they would then bury them in the backyard. In 1892 James Hanoney was digging in the backyard of a house recently owned by the Makins, there he found the dead bodies of two babies. The detectives traced the makins to their new home, where they found more dead bodies buried in the backyard. After examining both backyards they found 12 bodies in all. During trail Clarice Makin testified against John and Sarah, identifying clothing found on one of the dead babies. Daisy Makin also testified against her parents. John and Sarah was sentenced to death by hanging. John was hanged, Sarah won her reprieve and was sentenced to life in prison with hard labor. She was then released 19 years later. None of the Makin childern were convicted. Bibliography http://www.trutv.com/library/crime/serial_killers/history/farmers/1.html http://murderpedia.org/male.M/m/makin-john.htm http://justmeinthisbox.tripod.com/babyfarmers.html Why They Became This Way The most likely reason they became this way is because Sarah had a rough childhood because of father and John had a tramtic injury that keeped him from working so he had to make money some way. Trial Vitcims Process Of The Killings
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