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kyle smith

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of jaimaca

Jamaica outdoor recreations cricket golf
bicycle racing food jamaican beef jamaican chicken jamaican jerky people of jamaica play this sport in the evenings for fun these sports are some that people would play during the evenings with friends and family cricket is a game that you would play at the beach this sport is a way to get out and exercise on a bike with friends and race jamaican beef is something you would eat maybe alone jamaican jerky is something you would buy at a store this you would find in an entire dinner in a fancy hotel ocho-rios hotel this is a fancy 5-star hotel that costs $250 port-antonio hotel this a fancy hotel that people would stay in arts-culture music music is something someone might have for a special occasion or for fun dancing theatre port-antonio theatre kingston hotel this a fancy hotel thats 5-stars and is really expensive like $400 this is a picture of a chef dancer dancing
for intertainment
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