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Punctuation: Exclamation Points, Question Marks, Semicolons,

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Lydia Ramsey

on 24 April 2018

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Transcript of Punctuation: Exclamation Points, Question Marks, Semicolons,

Punctuation: Exclamation Points, Question Marks, Semicolons, and Colons, Apostrophes, Hyphens, and Dashes
Exclamation Points and Question Marks
Exclamation points:
before a list when terms such as
the following
as follows
are used
An apostrophe is used for:
Workbook pages 112 and 114

(skip 113 until tomorrow!!)
separates clauses in a compound sentence when there is NO conjunction
Semicolons, cont.
The train stopped at Boston, Massachusetts; Providence, Rhode Island; Fairfield, Connecticut; and Trenton, New Jersey.
A hyphen ( - ) is used for:
A dash ( --) is used for:
after interjections
at the end of exclamatory sentences
Question marks:
at the end of interrogatory sentences
Hooray! I know the answer.
I can't find my pants!
Who will help me?
We called this morning; no one was home.
separates clauses in a compound sentence when there IS a conjunction
Leo was here early; consequently, we started right away.
separates phrases or clauses of the same type that have internal punctuation
before expressions such as
for example
when they are used to introduce examples
Several students earned the award; namely, Ricardo, Jenna, and Sheila.
The following items are in my backpack: pencils, erasers, and glue.
after the greeting in a business letter
Dear Professor Rosenfeld:
to show possession
Rebecca's shoes
My brothers' plan
for contractions
The Class of '22
to show the plurals of lowercase letters, but not capital letters unless the plural looks like a word
Rs Ms ---> U's I's A's
dividing a word between syllables at the end of a line
compound numbers from twenty-one to ninety-nine
to separate parts of some compound words
sister-in-law drive-in theater
to form some temporary adjectives
The well-trained dog
The natural-gas pipeline
Setting off words that indicate a change in thought
Mr. Blair--I believe he drives an SUV--teaches math
Setting off an appositive that contains commas
His wife studies languages--Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish.
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