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Gangnam Style

No description

Roy Kim

on 6 October 2012

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Transcript of Gangnam Style

Gangnam Style The music video of Gangnam Style has gained an incredible number of views, achieving more than 280 million views in 2 months. Gangnam is a district in Seoul, also the wealthiest district in South Korea. As the richest district in the nation, Gangnam is viewed with envy and hostility by other districts. About Gangnam Yet, most of the audience does not know the definition of Gangnam, who PSY actually is, not even what the song means. About PSY PSY is a talented 34-year-old South Korean rapper. He made his debut in 2001, and was the first one to achieve a great success in the American market with a K-pop song. Dress Classy,
Dance Cheesy About the Song "Oppan Gangnam Style" : your older brother/date has the style of Gangnam. Profoundly, the song sarcastically parodies the people living in Gangnam. People of Gangnam are good looking, thanks to plastic surgery, stylish & fit because of their luxuries and personal trainers. Yet, PSY is nothing close to having the "Gangnam Style." By that, PSY parodies the most wealthy and most influential part of South Korea, pinpointing where South Koreans outside of Gangnam are aggravated.
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