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OLS 388 final presentation

final group presentation

Maria Del Real

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of OLS 388 final presentation

FAB 4 Final Presentation
Laurie Sadler
Maria Del Real
Josh Imes
Jenkins Brown
Casey Mast Models Followed Through Group Interaction TUCKMAN MODEL! Steps we took to achieve our goals We met each other and had Starbucks at the Union.

We had to develop a relationship with one another and figure out who was the leader and who were the followers.

During this period, we figured out who was strong in the group and who was weak.
Forming! Started developing communication strengths between one another.

Started developing our needs to depend on one another to accomplish certain tasks.

Leadership roles began emerging in Josh & Maria

During this stage, previous roles are hard to let go.

This was the time we started expressing our feelings on what was going to happen in the group.
Storming! Began functioning as a team

Organized meetings and became productive

Set goals and made decisions

Leader roles were shifted to allow others to take lead
This enabled us to see who had the strongest leadership skills in the group.
Frustrations arose on ideas but were resolved them through compromise.
Norming! We started caring about where we were as a team.

Discussed our final project in depth and planned accordingly.

We worked more as a well oiled machine for the most part during this stage.

We used what we had learned from the previous steps to accomplish the tasks in front of us.

With collaboration on tasks, we achieved our goals more quickly.

Performing! Questions?? o Life outside class
o Life happens
o Thank goodness for Technology Things learned! o Team building
o Regularly scheduled meetings
o Accountability
If we could start again... Challenges... Communication
Group momentum How did we overcome them?? Increased group efforts
Collaborative work
&& Keeping the goal in mind! Task Maintenance Roles Josh Imes Team Task Roles: Clarifier/Elaborator, Energizer.
Team Maintenance Role: Encourager.
Dysfunctional Self-Oriented Role: Aggressor
Overall Leadership Role: Task Leader
Casey Mast Team Task Roles: Initiator/Contributor, Opinion Giver.
Team Maintenance Role: Harmonizer
Dysfunctional Self- Oriented Roles: Dominator/ Recognition Seeker
Overall Leadership Roles: Self- Oriented Leader
Maria Del Real Team Task Roles: Procedural Technician, Coordinator.
Team Maintenance Roles: Group Observer, Encourager
Dysfunctional Self-Oriented Role: Recognition Seeker
Overall Leadership Roles: Social (Maintenance) Leader/ Task Leader
Team Task Roles: Procedural Technician, Summarizer, Initiator/Contributor.
Team Maintenance Roles: Encourager, Group Observer.
Dysfunctional Self-Oriented Role: Dominator
Overall Leadership Role: Task Leader.
Laurie Sadler Team Task Roles: Initiator/Contributor, Opinion Giver.
Team Maintenance Roles: Follower, Encourager.
Dysfunctional Self-Oriented Roles: Avoider, Playboy, Help Seeker.
Overall Leadership Role: Social (Maintenance) Role.
Jenkins Brown Advice for Future Teams/Classes
Set realistic expectations

Make sure that everyone understands these expectations

Make you are willing to follow the rules of the Team Contract
Team Contract Plan Ahead

Decide On Lead Person for each Project

Regular Scheduled Meetings

Commit to attending your meetings

Use Virtual Meetings when possible
Planning & Meeting Communication What would make the team experience, in this class, more meaningful?
Accountability Consequences
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