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No description

Claire Deng

on 7 February 2017

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Transcript of Trapped

While they are the school, they begin to worry how long they might be staying there for.
Scotty, Pete, Jason, Les, Elijah, Julie and Krista must work together to stay alive and warm. But things do not always go as planned.
Scotty Weems

Pete Dubois
Pete Dubois is your average high school kid and happens to be Scotty's best friend. He can be quite stubborn at some points and and is always jumping to conclusions, which gets him in a lot of trouble in the end.

Jason Gillispie is interested in military equipment.
He loves working on new projects, and was working on his go-cart with his friends after school.
Scotty is known to be the main character in the book.
Scotty is a very athletic basketball player. After a half-day at school because of increasing amounts of snow, Scotty decides to work on a go-cart with Jason, one of his best friends.

Jason Gillispie
Written by: Michael Northrop
At Tattawa High School,
Scotty and his friends were let out early because of an upcoming snow storm.

The snow was coming down hard, but no one knew how serious it would become.
After school, Scotty decides to work on a go-cart with his best friends, Pete and Jason.

They find out no one is coming to pick them up.
With all of the teachers gone, doors bolted shut, electricity gone, and growing piles of snow, problems are in the hands of the students. Jason, Pete and Scotty meet four other kids also still in the building, and together, they must fight to stay alive.
Let's look at the plot.
Scotty Weems
Here's a video that
elaborates on the
At a regular day in
school, other kids may
call him a nerd, or a freak
because of his quirky
interests. But everything that
made him "weird" in school,
comes in handy when they are
stuck in the school.
Main characters
Some other things to keep in
Scotty has a crush on
Krista, and Pete has a
crush on Julie, making
things even more
"This book is a great read for teenagers! Gripping, and filled with action, this is a fun and exciting book that you won't want to put down!" -Claire
Will they survive?

Will their parents find out where they are?

Will they ever make it out?

Or will they be trapped forever?
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