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This Wonderful World of Animals

No description


on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of This Wonderful World of Animals

This Wonderful World of Animals Bratkina T.P., Simkina N.V.
Korablino, Ryazan Region Some birds can fly well. Some animals are
big and strong. Some birds are beautiful. Choose one of the
given pictures
and describe the animal.
Explain your choice. TASK Some animals are tender. Some animals are curious. Some animals are innocent. Some animals like water. Some animals are very dangerous. Some animals like snow. Some birds can swim well. Some animals live in a desert. Some animals can jump well. Some animals are very quick. Some birds can quarrel. Describe your pet(s). Use the following text as an example.
I have two pretty birds as pets. They are yellow-and-blue budgies. Their home is a shady tree in the garden where they are free to fly from branch to branch. Yet they are safe from the cat as the whole tree is inside a wire enclosure. I have nailed a wooden box on the tree. This is their 'nest' where they sleep at night and where they find shelter whenever it rains.
My pets are called 'Polly' and 'Sally'. They enjoy flying about among the branches and they chirp happily all day long. Every morning, I feed them with birdseed and give them a bowl of water to drink. I also clean their 'nest'.
They are pretty birds and I like to watch their movements. I find them cheery and lively, so I never feel dull spending my time with them. I love my pets very much.
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