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The Importance of an AVID Binder

No description

Victor Arenas

on 10 September 2010

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Transcript of The Importance of an AVID Binder

THE IMportance of an AVID BInder By
AlLIson Andrade
NAtan Lutt
VIctor AREnas
THe BInder To be a sucessful student you must have a well organized binder. With a binder it is easier to : .Study
.Find Work
.Stay Neat The The foundatIon of a bInder A binder will not keep you organized and neat by
itself. You must need other tools that will support your
binder and work together. THe PenCIl Pouch The pencil pouch is a handy tool in wich you can store your utensils.
At all times you should have: 2 pencils
2 pens
1 highlighter
1 Eraser
A pack of post-it notes dIVIDERS Dividers are used to seperate files and group them based on a subject.You will need a divider for each academic class.

English/Language Arts
Foreign Language MATERIALS
Other important materials include a planner and loose leaf paper. A planner is used to write
down all of your homework
and further assignments. Loose leaf paper is very iportant to take class notes and especially Conell Notes. These notes should prepare you for upcoming quizes and tests. ConclusIon A sucessful student is a neat student. A neat student has an organized binder. With it, nothing can stop you. We hope you can acheive your goals by using our fundamentals on binders. Have a great year! Appearance Binders should always be treated well with love and respect,
never as a worthless object. A well tended binder can last the
whole school year. In the end your binder should look like this: NOT LIKE THIS!!!
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