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Symbolism and Imagery in Harry Potter

No description

zhanna weil

on 18 April 2016

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Transcript of Symbolism and Imagery in Harry Potter

This is the symbol of the Deathly Hallows. It represents the cloak of invisibility, the resurrection stone, and the elder wand. The legend says that whoever possesses all three objects is the true Master of Death.
The Veil
The Philosopher's Stone
Unicorn Blood
Severus Snape
Harry sacrifices himself to protect the Wizarding World much like Jesus Christ
Harry's mother Lily is often associated with the doe. The doe is also associated with the doe.
By Zhanna Weil
Symbolism and Imagery in Harry Potter
Snape and Harry's mother Lily were friends before they were at Hogwarts.
Snape was in love with her.
When Voldemort killed her, Snape turned traitor and spied on the Death Eaters for Dumbedore.
The Tale of the Three Brothers is a children's story in the magical world where the Hallows were first discussed.
A horcrux is an object that carries a piece of a persons soul in it for safekeeping. It protects the piece of soul from harm, and is very hard to destroy. It also makes the peoson's soul very unstable. Lord Voldemort created 7 horcruxes.
The Veil usually means that someone is dead, but they are close in spirit
The Philosopher's Stone was an actual object searched for by alchemists. It turns metal into gold, and can make a person immortal
In Harry Potter, unicorn blood is used to keep someone or something alive even when they are moments away from death.
Jesus Christ
In the final book, in order to save Hogwarts and everyone he loves, Harry realizes that he must allow Voldemort to kill him in order to make Voldemort vulnerable. His sacrifice ends up being what saves him. This is similar to what Jesus did for his followers. Dying for their sins and rising from the dead.

Lily Potter (Evans)
Lily Evans, Harry's mother, is often said to be the only pure character in the series. The Virgin Mary is also said to be pure. Both women are also associated with a doe
Snape's inner conflict between good and evil are very symbolic of the main themes of the books. His instincts are to lean toward Lord Voldemort, but his love for Lily pushes him toward Professor Dumbledore. His unresolved hatred for James also fuels his motives. He is resentful, and he takes it out on Harry. He is conflicted by both love, and hatred for Harry's parents.
World War 2
In the last book, the Death Eaters are trying to rid the world of Muggles and Muggle-borns by claiming they have stolen magic. It is a flimsy excuse to imprison, or execute them. This is similar to the Holocaust.
The Spanish Inquisition
In the fifth book, Harry and Dumbledore are under scrutiny by the Ministry of Magic for claiming that Lord Voldemort was alive. The Ministry sends a woman named Dolores Umbridge to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts, as well as keep an eye on Hogwarts. Eventually she is instated as "The Hogwarts High Inquisitor", a sort of dictator.

She is later in charge of the Muggle-born trials.
Fun Fact
Dolores Umbridge's name is derived from the Latin word
, which means pain, and
, which means to take offense.
A lot of names follow similar patterns.
Thank You
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