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How does greater biodiversity lead to population stability?

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railie steele

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of How does greater biodiversity lead to population stability?

How does greater biodiversity lead to population stability?
How does genetic variation lead to population stability?
What is the importance of maintaining ecosystem biodiversity?
The importance of maintaining biodiversity in an ecosystem is, if it's not balanced other animals will start to die because there is not enough food for them. If the biodiversity is balanced animals will be able to have enough food for themselves and others.
Having greater biodiversity would help other species survive, because they would have more to eat. If you have 15 different species in a biome die, it would kill the rest of the species, because they don't have enough food for them and their selves.

Genetic variation helps, because when you have certain species that move in herds they do have predators. some of the species, such as antelope, are slower than other antelope. The antelopes that are slower will most likely get killed by the mountain lion, because they are to slow, and will be caught. This helps the others, because
If the fox population go down 80% then polar bears would start to die to because there isn't enough food.
for example: if a population of one certain animal dies out the predators have nothing to eat and would also eventually die to.
how does greater biodiversity lead to
population stability
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