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Discovery Communications

No description

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Discovery Communications

Media Relations
"One of the company's main objectives is using social media to remain relevant."
PR at Discovery
Discovery PR Specialty
Modeling PR Theories
Tailor communications
Mainstream expertise
Media monitoring

Roles of Media relations specialists:

Building relationships with media outlets
Moderate communication between organization and media outlets
Inform media when something new happens within the organization
Promote and protect image of the organization

Systems Theory
Collaboration of different departments to create a successful campaign
accounting and finance
digital and social media
Uses and Gratification Theory
People turn to media that entertains, informs, and gratifies them.
Target publics seek gratification from the network offerings
The interaction with reporters, journalists and editors in print, electronic and online media to communicate the company's newsworthiness message, story or information


Research and word did not travel as fast
New emergence of social media the way we communicate is different
Mainly relied on relationships because of lack of communication outlets

create, implement and manage media relations programs
Written/verbal communication skills
By: Rhea Weldon, Kate Scruggs, Cassandra Spicer, Amanda Chesser, Tricia McLaughlin
Worlds number one nonfiction media company
Reaches more than 2 billion subscribers in 220 countries
Delivers content to more than 190 television networks
59 offices in 30 different countries
employs 5,486 communications professionals globally.
Located in Silver Spring, MD
About Discovery Communications
Discovery Values and Ethics
Strives to conduct all its business in full compliance with laws and ethical regulations
Code of Ethics-
expresses core values of creativity and quality with unceasing commitment to maintaining the highest ethical standards in doing business
Corporate website
- Ethics Hotline
Federal Communications Commission
Encourages practitioners to join public relations societies
Discovery Communications
First PR Branch:
Corporate Communications
40 PR practitioners
: markets Discovery to employees, communicates with personnel and aids with professional development
- markets network ratings to investors
- works to improve image of Discovery
PR at Discovery Continued
Second PR Branch:
Network Communications
75-100 PR practitioners
Promotes Discovery networks and TV show personalities to media
Subdivided into four groups that work on PR for a few networks
Teams work with traditional media- press releases, pitching
Each team has 5-10 practitioners (depending on network popularity)
Brittany's PR Role
RPIE: "I F'ing Love Science"
Internal Communications
Network Communications team
Does publicity for:
Discovery Science
Reports to the executive VP of Communication for the network grouping (Laurie Goldberg)
Press Release Example
Discovery bought the rights to the "I F'ing Love Science" Facebook page
Turned the page into a show hosted by Craig Ferguson
Planning and premieres are based on research
Standing plans
PR team directs theme and vision for a year
Shark Week (minimum plan of a year)
One-Time plans
used to create buzz around premeires, appearances and other short term events
Ex. countdown to series launch
Shark Week
The Brand:
What are some things you think of when you hear "Discovery"?
What do you think of the brand as a whole?
Are these commercials effective?
How many of you have heard of Shark Week before this?
Why do you think this is?
Mission: aims to satisfy curiosity and broaden perspectives through educational and entertaining content
It is attributed to Discovery Communications' strategies and PR tactics which allow for good promotion and coverage of this event every year.
Shark Week 2013 was the most watched Shark Week in its 26 year old history
Why is Shark Week Successful?
Networks Include
-Brittany Whiteford, Discovery Publicist
About 50 employees whose sole job is research
Utilize focus and testing groups
Millennial culture research to pinpoint the content younger viewers are interested in
Primarily focus groups
Surveys placed on Discovery.com and in newsletters
RPIE: Planning
Standing Plan
RPIE: Implementation
Collaboration of different departments and specialties:
Network Communications team
press releases
press kits
pitch media contacts
Social Media team
Effectiveness is measured before, during and after implementation of campaigns
post-mortem meeting: network teams meet to evaluate the campaign and brainstorm new messages for the press
After South by SouthWest event
Use of Cision software
Public Critique
RPIE: Evaluation
Discovery Impact
Programming to help make a difference in peoples' lives
Public Service Announcements for:
philanthropic giving, support of minority populations, drunk driving, environmental conservation, autism awareness
Partner with civic and non-profits to "encourage the translation of on-screen messages into on-the-ground action"
American Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, Oceana, Global Giving, UNICEF
values congruence
Modeling PR Theories Continued...
Situational Theory of Publics
Publics have different levels of problem recognition based on how much they are affected by an issue
Some viewers will be more likely to take action on a cause that is highlighted on Discovery Programming
different levels of constraint recognition that affect the degree of action viewers may take
PR function contributes to the success and reputability of brand
established, credible company and source of news
executives take risks and are creative
Should expand on domestic and international network relationships
improve marketing and program promotion tactics
cable content linked to internet content
loss of revenue from decrease in viewer ratings
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