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Symbolic Interaction Theory

Themes and Assumptions of Symbolic Interaction Theory

Leticia Morales

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Symbolic Interaction Theory

Meaning Meaning: (Symbolic Interaction Theory) individuals construct meaning through the communication process because meaning is not intrinsic to anything. The Importance of Meaning
for Human Behavior
Elizabeth Byrd, Leticia Morales and
Amanda Sullivan Humans Act Toward Others on the Basis of the Meaning Those Have for Them Three Main Assumptions Meaning Is Created in
Interaction Between People Meaning Is Modified Through
an Interactive Process "This assumption explains behavior as
a loop between stimuli and the responses
people exhibit to those stimuli." "Meaning can exist only when people share
common interpretations of the symbols they
exchange in interaction." They probably have
more experience since they
are older than me Martin Helen Hello! I'm Helen.
And no, this is all
new to me! Oh really? Hello my name
is Martin..... do you
have experience
in this field? Everyone looks
older and more
experienced If...
Are you from
the city? Yes, I am
from the city. Then... No meaning was
exchanged If... Are you from
the city? No, I'm not.
This is all new to me.
I come from a
farming background. Then... Meaning was
exchanged and created The interactive process
consist of two steps.
The communicator
points out the things
that have meaning. HOME I was
told that
I was
the BEST FAMILY Then the communicator selects, checks and
transforms the meaning in the
context. Great! We both come
from similar cultures.
I think we can soon
be friends. Hey! Hi!
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