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Social Backer

Helping social projects find funds and volunteers

Abhijoy Sarkar

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of Social Backer

To help Social Projects raise fund and support
Motivate people to involve in projects that strive to create Social Impact
Try and create a culture of philanthropy among the citizens
Online fund raising platform with donation based crowdfunding model.

We believe that Social projects should be funded by the society for the society.
Help project owners gain support through Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR)

Help businesses contribute to social development by connecting them with social projects.
Allow project owners to recruit volunteers through our platform.

Enable participation in projects other than monetary contribution
How will we do it ?
Problems we are trying to solve...
Social Organizations and Independent Social Projects face difficulty in raising funds from individual donors and Investors.

Govt. grants are difficult to obtain and hinder progress of the projects.

Due to ineffectiveness of trickle down economics full benefit is not received by the needy.

Citizens lack the motivation to take part in projects involving Social Impacts.

People making small donations through funding agencies for channeling the funds to the target projects may not receive proper progress reports which might disinterest them.

Projects may sometime face pressure from investors and donors to accommodate their personal interests, which can affect its goals and effectiveness.

Social Projects are not promoted well to the public, which is vital for gaining mass support.
Proposed Solution:
A Crowdfuding and Volunteering platform for Social Projects
What is Crowdfunding?
Crowdfunding explains the collective effort of individuals who network and pool their money, via the Internet, to support efforts initiated by other people or organizations
Currently the largest crowdfuding site is Kickstarter.
They raise funds for creative Projects. They allow fund raising for projects in US and UK only.
We aim to re create the success of Kickstarter in India for Social Project.
The Crowdfunding Website
In order to let people donate money easily a crowdfuding website with attractive UI will be setup. It will allow any kind of social enterprise or project to raise money, non-profit or for profit.
The website will enable posting project pitch to the crowd using quality videos and pictures.
Instant tax exempt receipt will be generated for people donating to registered NGOs.
Volunteer recruitment option will be provide to the project managers to gain support from the crowd.
Discussion Channels for each project will allow projects to receive feedback and ideas from the crowd.
Detailed Progress reports of the Projects will be delivered to the donors.
Micro Documentaries
We observed that crowdfunding and online donation in India has not really picked, with one of the main reason for this being poor presentation of the Project Pitch. Lack of quality video and pictures describing the project fails to encourage people to engage in contributing to the projects. We believe if we help project owners make 2-minute documentary like professional quality videos we can motivate the users to take part in helping the projects. The key objective is to connect with users and make them aware of the impact such projects to the society. A good video pitch also helps people instill faith in the projects.
An Example of Micro documentary
A rough demo of the crowdfunding site is available at
Involving Corporate Sector in Social Projects
With mandation of 2% CSR spending, we have a huge opportunity to collaborate with companies and help them engage in Social Projects with funding and resources.
Collaborating with large businesses can help us promote our platform and can also open up other channels of collecting funds other than the website alone. (Example: Optional donation while billing at retail stores)
Mobile Application
Currently Smartphones are all time companion of a person.
Mobile Applications offer better user engagement as it enables us to push notifications and also offer a simple interface for transactions.
With a dedicated mobile application for the platform we can keep the users regularly updated with new opportunities for Social Contribution and encourage them to offer small funding to projects regularly.(Similar to Google One Today App, available only in US now)
Revenue Model
Initially 5% cut from the total funds raised. However eventually we hope to transfer 100% of the amount raised to the projects without any cut if we are able to generate revenue from other sources.(Excluding payment gateway charges)

Micro Documentaries and Website allow good advertisement space. Options to promote brand logo at the end of the Micro Documentaries and on the Webpages can bring advertisement revenues.
This represents the brief idea of what we are trying to accomplish
We want to create a service which will help people easily start Social Projects, reach their goals and involve the Society in Society's welfare.
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