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Edward Snowden

No description

Bam Wattanapornmongkol

on 4 April 2016

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Transcript of Edward Snowden

Background and Early Years
Working with the Government
How NSA abuse not only person's right to privacy, but also a constitutional democracy
Edward Snowden's relationship with the news organizations and the media
Edward Snowden
The Guardian
Edward Snowden's relationship with the news organizations and the media
The documentary film 'Citizenfour'
Citizenfour is a documentary film directed by Laura Poitras. The movie focuses on the disclosure of NSA secret and the process of revealing information. The movie caught attention from people around the world and won an Oscar for best documentary film.

Phone call history
The most important secret revealation from
Edward Snowden
Edward Snowden was born in North Carolina before moving to Maryland with his family.
He dropped out of high school and continued his education in the community college. After finishing his study, he joined the army for four years.
In 2005, after his army days, he started working as a security guard at the University of Maryland. Later, he was hired by the CIA as an technical expert and left for the NSA in 2009. Snowden was working in NSA as a top secret level of contractor.
The Guardian, a UK based organization, was the first news organization which came to contact with Edward Snowden. Laura Poitras, the director of Citizenfour and Glenn Greenwald, the journalist from the Guardian help published the information to the public.
The NBC news conducted the first ever major television interview with Edward Snowden since revealing his country secret information.
The first secret that was openly revealed is that The NSA has been collecting phone call history from over 10 millions American citizen. The government and The NSA claimed that it was an legal action and they have been authorized by secret court order.
The most important secret revelation by
Edward Snowden
The information on PRISM was released less than 24 hours since the first secret was revealed. PRISM is a surveillance program that allow The NSA to tapped into 9 big internet companies including Facebook, Google and Yahoo to gain access on users’ communication history. Later, the companies filed lawsuit on transparency of communication giving.
The most important secret revelation by
Edward Snowden
The disclosure of British NSA-like organization, The GCHQ
The Government Communication Headquarter or also known as The GCHQ has been tapping fiber optic to gain information over global communication. The surveillance program has been active for 18 months under the name “Tempora”. The Tempora and The NSA have been eavesdropping Italian phone call and internet traffic without the knowing of its PM.

The most important secret revelation by
Edward Snowden
The U.S. has been spying on the World leaders, including China
Edward Snowden said that the NSA spies in the world leader and it hacked china’s network. He said that what the NSA did was hacking the main router, the backbone of the system so they can gain all information from every computer without hacking each. The NSA also spies on the leader of G8 and G20 summit.

It is a program developed to track everything from everyone. Its the widest reach program which is more dangerous than prism. On internet server there are thing called “encrytion” which help protect the server from being hacked. The NSA has been working on forcing company to allow the NSA to has access on the backdoor information.
The most important secret revelation by
Edward Snowden
The NSA collecting text message
After the failure of the program “PRISM”, The NSA started new program called “Dishfire”. Dishfier is a project to collect and intercept text messages from countries around the world. The NSA collect every kinds of personal information. There is an interview that Snowden said that The NSA can turn phone devices into its tool and use it to collect photos or record do, sounds.

The NSA intercepts all phone call in two countries
Edward Snowden pointed out that the action of the government is violating the Fourth Amendment because now all of people’s data can be collected without any suspicion of wrongdoing. Without following the constitutional laws, the government claimed that its action was legal and there is a court order. This action was criticized heavily due to unclear statement and the use of the constitutional loophole.

Why a lot of people hate Edward Snowden, is he a patriot or traitor?
The NSA under the project “MYTRICS” collect and intercept every phone call in Bahamas and Afghanisatan due to political issues.
Edward Snowden believed that he is a patriot because he expose the secret in order to bring the freedom to the country. On the other hand, some people thought that he is a traitor because the information that he revealed which mainly about the U.S. spying on other countries can harm American
Current Status
Edward Snowden is legally safe as a holder of a three-year residency permit in Russia since 2014 in August. His location cannot be reveal for his safety. He chose to give only a few media interview. Snowden learned Russian culture and language. His father, Low Snowden gave an interview to the press after a several visit to his son that he is happy and absolutely commit to what he had done.
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