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ITB Library study guide: group work

A study guide to help you work in groups effectively

ITB Library

on 8 September 2011

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Transcript of ITB Library study guide: group work

Group Work College students often work together
on group projects.

Working well in groups is an essential life skill
which is highly prized by employers.

It can be rewarding and interesting
to work with other people. In a group some people will interact straight away.

Others will hang back and observe for a while.

Groups are usually made up of different types of characters. New Groups Beginning a project Most groups are created with a specific task in mind, like a group assignment Start with the title

Even though it might sound obvious, group members should talk about the assignment title

.......... be sure that everyone understands it the same way

.......... think about what it will look like when it is finished

......... everyone must work toward the same specific goal How will the group be assessed?

What criteria will your lecturer use to grade the assignement?

..... Completing the project? ..... Methodology?
..... Participation of all members? Working together Group members may need to compromise.
The effort and ideas of all participants should be part of the final assignment.

So the assignment may not look like it would if you were working alone. Other sources:

University of California, Berkeley

University of Washington
http://www.washington.edu/doit/Faculty/Strategies/Academic/Groupwork/ Various people approach learning in lots of different ways.

Working in a group lets you see
how others understand things and how they work.

You can learn new tricks! Create a schedule

Split up the research and writing into tasks

.......... a specific member of the group should take on responsibility for each task

.......... agree the dates on which each task will be finished Disagreement is a healthy part of communication & learning.

But stay on topic.
Approach disagreements logically and don't be agressive.
Different perspectives and diverse approaches are central to good group work A successful assignment needs all group members to contribute.

Rember to have fun!
Group work doesnt end at graduation - you will probably work in teams throughout your working life.
Its important to learn to be content to work with others Agree when you will meet and for how long

.......... be careful not to let anyone dominate
.......... give everyone the chance to speak Group work isn't necessarily
the most efficient way to achive things.

But there are other important benefits. Group members need time to gel.

You will learn to understand the task and one another. ITB Library ITB Library http://blanchlib.itb.ie
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