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WebQuest- Pride and Prejudice

No description

Meghan Schreckengost

on 27 April 2012

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Transcript of WebQuest- Pride and Prejudice

First Students will be divided into groups of four,
and each student will have one of these roles:
critic (group leader), historian, psychologist,
or sociologist. Critic The Role As the critic and group leader, you get to pull out your quill and scroll, or computer, and while considering all the other facets of the story that you group members are investigating, argue what Austen thought of the characters she created. Did she agree with them? Was she making fun of them? The Questions Identify the main characters in the novel and discuss what you feel is Austen’s attitude toward each of them. Are the verbal portraits she paints flattering or otherwise?

First Questions:

Do you think the author has definite opinions about her characters that appear in the text?

Who are some characters (at least 5) you think Austen has some opinion about?

What do you think is her opinion of them? The Job Produce a review of how Austen writes about a few of the main characters, and an explanation of what that reveals about her thinking of the character or a situation. Write it as if it will appear in a magazine, perhaps including graphics and advertisements. Historian The Role The Job The Questions As you have already guessed, you get the privilege of being the history buff of the group. Your job is to research the set-up of society, the social hierarchy, in Jane Austen's day and explain where Austen’s characters would be on the social ladder. Create an illustration to demonstrate this. Also, compare the arrangement of the society in the United States today with that of the Austen’s world. The members of British society in Pride and Prejudice are very class conscious. Debate whether class consciousness is a part of American society. If not, do you think that affects our enjoyment and understanding of Austen’s novel? Why or why not?

How was class arranged in Austen's time?

Where are her characters in this arrangement?

How is the United States arranged today? Produce an explanation of the class system,
preferably with an illustration, of Austen's day,
compared to the U.S.'s today. Psychologist The Role You get to be the person who figures out how everyone's mind works-
dun,dun, dunnn! Pick five main characters in the novel, set them
down on the couch, and explain what they are thinking that motivates
them to do the things they do. The Questions Name some of the characters; what motivates them?

Are there characters that have a definite purpose or goal? Which ones?

Why do they have that goal? The Job Produce a short description of some main characters and what motivates their choices and actions. You can use virtual flash cards, a PowerPoint, poster, whatever to illustrate your findings. Sociologist The Role Upon reading this, you have a Ph.D. in sociology for this assignment. Because of that, you are to explain the relations between characters. Create two diagrams, with one diagram showing the relations between characters at the beginning of the story, and one showing relations at the conclusion. Include friendships and acquaintances along with family relations. The Questions How are the characters related, whether through family ties or friendship, at the beginning and then the end of the novel?

Who are the families in the novel?

Who is close friends or at least socializes with one another? The Job Produce two diagrams illustrating the relationships
at the beginning of the novel and the end. Finale As a group decide how each presentation enhances the reader’s understanding of the novel, then each group member explain his or her discoveries from the individual assignment and group discussion. How do the various facets
of a story affect
the understanding of
the whole novel?
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