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cyclone zac

No description

kasey dragisic

on 5 September 2012

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Transcript of cyclone zac

Big and.... ... small cy Cyclone Zac cyclone Zachary will be a category 5 cyclone. cyclone Zachary has wind forces up to 570kph.
Since cyclone Yasi was 285kph and caused $3 millon in damage. So that means that cyclone zachary will be a $6 millon in damage. cyclone zachary will knock out power for 360 000 people The storm is predicted to be 1200 km wide.
Because Cyclone Yasi was 600km wide and Cyclone Zac is predicted to be double the size. We are expecting Cyclone Zac to occur on the 6th of september 2013! We will prepare the community for this cyclone by building more evacuation centers, that will have sturdy walls and surroundings.People will be protected during the storm by being sent to evacuation centers to keep everybody safe and with their families. We believe that the plan will work because we analyzed Cyclone Yasi and Cyclone Zac will be bigger so we know that everything has to be stronger. Therefore everything we build will be stronger and more efficient. By Kasey,Lauren&Charlotte :)
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