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Digital Marketing "Go Fish" By G-Force Accelerated Marketing

Addressing Marketing Fundamentals in the Digital Age

Giancarlo Newsome

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of Digital Marketing "Go Fish" By G-Force Accelerated Marketing

What is your reason to exist?
How do you uniquely serve a need in the sea / market?
Addressing Marketing Fundamentals in the Digital Age
Why do you exist?
How is the world better because of you?
What is your value proposition?
What unique need does your value proposition serve?
What is your "right to win" or unique competency in serving that need?
All this makes up your
This is your
What objectives and achievements do you expect from your value proposition? By when?
If you send me to the store to buy toothpaste, which one do you instantly tell me to buy? When people need to go to the "store" for what you offer - your value proposition, will they instantly visualize you? your brand? your promise? What instant feeling do people get when they think of your brand? This video highlights the subconscious power of branding. Is your brand embedded in the
subconscious of your customers?
Identify Beneficiaries
Market Research
- Google Alerts
- Keyword Analysis
- Crowdsourcing Feedback
- Online Surveys
- Bid Watch Services
- Online Forms & Data Collection
- Google Analytics
- Online News Feeds
Traditional Media Outlets
Social Media Outlets

Market research usually represents some form of "value proposition sensitivity analysis" to help quantify priority / focus.

An analysis conducted as inexpensively as possible
to prioritize your value to a given set of markets and those markets value to you.
Technology is just a catalyst at times for fundamental forces already present.
Scott Cook, Founder of Intuit (Quickbooks)

First improve your customers profit and you will improve yours.
More simply stated ... which clients will benefit or profit most from you and which clients are the easiest or least expensive (most profitable) for you to serve?
What top ten criteria, questions, or key phrases when answered by a prospect client group will give you an indication of their degree of sensitivity to your value proposition?
Market Focus

“People think focus means saying yes to the thing you’ve got to focus on. But that’s not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are. You have to pick carefully. I’m actually as proud of the things we haven’t done as the things we have done.”

–Steve Jobs, Apple
are a nice and free way to watch news on keywords and phrases that reflect the need you serve and the appeal of your value proposition.
Market Research Gives Focus
What is a value proposition sensitivity analysis?
"SEO" Search Engine Optimization
The continuous analysis and processing of choosing keywords and keyword phrases that are the most relevant and discriminating for your unique brand and value proposition as represented in the digital marketing environment.
There is no end to tools and companies that can help organizations with their SEO.
Do your homework. Many scam services abound in SEO.
Are you confident in your focus?
Will you and your targets easily make money?
How do you find customers?
How do they find you?


In the digital economy keywords and phrases are critical for both outbound and inbound marketing.
Google Analytics is a great place to start and it's free. AWStats is free also. They both plug-in to your website. Ask your webmaster to set-up and give you access.
How important are keyword phrases?
Click next and enjoy the short video
You is a brand, a promise, a value.
My brand is fine. Are you sure?
Marketing 101 - The Power of Words (1:48).
Modern Marketing Is Here. Where Are You? (1:46)
Many traditional mediums are simply not working anymore. The digital mediums available are growing exponentially. Software, software integration, simplification, and automation are keys for an organizations future success. This is a video of a vendor called HubSpot pursuing these aims.
let's look at our two paths
Outbound Marketing
Inbound Marketing
It's the easiest to understand but also the most problematic as well as the most expensive in the modern marketing environment. This 1 minute video will orient you to the major outbound marketing techniques we know best. Don't worry, we will talk Inbound approaches next.
Let's begin with Outbound Marketing.
What is Inbound Marketing (1:03)
Two Key Takeaways:

When is the last time you bought from a door-to-door salesman, or a cold caller? Look at all the ways you and other people block outbound efforts. Netflix gives you TV episodes without commercials, DVRs allow you to fast forward through commercials, telemarketing is virtually shutdown with "do-not-call" lists. E-mails are increasingly de-listed from websites.

SPAM laws prevent you from buying e-mail lists.

Direct mail is increasingly expensive as tradeshows are.
#1: Traditional outbound marketing is dead.
Embrace this reality and adjust your outbound campaigns.
Take Away #2: Outbound strategies need to feel like inbound to your clients.
How do we effectively execute Outbound Marketing then?
Outbound techniques need to tie to your inbound efforts.
Inbound client contact is the first indication that a prospect may want relationship with you.
In short, outbound efforts need to create incentive and confidence for a RELATIONSHIP not a sale
So... outbound marketing should have the aim of creating valuable relationship.

Be legitimately helpful, useful, transparent ... create truly valuable relationships with no strings attached.
ACTIVE market research

Getting intimate, honest, and engaging feedback on your current offering and future prototypes is critical for success.
This is NOT an exhaustive presentation of market research methods or e-tools...

OBJECTIVITY is key then in market research. No duh right?

Well remember human nature defies logic daily. Technology must be secondary and is not a substitute for objectivity from the heart. Today's e-technology only accelerates research results ... false or real.
80% of businesses believe they exceed customer expectations, only 20% of customers agree...hmmm
PASSIVE market research
like Google Analytics, embedded search queries in social media offerings, and other passive online observation methods help business owners maintain a current pulse on their market and competitive space.
There is a host of online survey tools, forms, quiz builders, etc. (many with free basic packages) that make active data collection and analysis easier than ever before.
Begin FREE.

Inform first.

Sell last!
most powerful
marketing and way to grow confidence / relationship is sheer performance excellence.
Social Media enables you to fuel and grow relationships like never before. Fuel and grow confidence with not only your client and prospect base but access their network and their network's network.
Inbound marketing begins with setting up as many communication portals where your target markets can find, communicate, and latch on to you.
There are too many Inbound "latches" or portals to cover in this Prezi ... two big categories to cover that need to be set-up and managed ...

What ever conduits or latches for relationship you set-up they must be maintained.

Particularly critical for geographic based businesses, all businesses need to have solid coverage in their local online directories. All virtually have a basic free listing.
Key Latch 1: Online Directories
Key Latch 2: Social Media

Covered in the next section... RELATIONSHIP ...
Image from http://robtanderson.com/2011/02/19/internet-marketing-strategies-for-local-business/
your brand,
your promise,
better than anyone else!
simply accelerates
the sharing of how great you are.
"Social Media is not for my business."
Are you sure?
With a passive and informal relationship established in social media, you are ready to proceed to the next level of relationship!

Existing customers and brand fans might be willing to now enroll their e-mail for direct mail communication.
With legitimate relationship established, sales will follow.
There are many technologies to help manage communication and commitments. This Prezi will only address major categories.
Customer Relationship Management Software
E-Mail Marketing Systems
Some embed or interface with CRMs
Marketing Automation
When you are struggling to keep up with it all, here are a few leading firms with software to help you tie all your digital collateral and analytics together.
To Maintain a 5 Star Score ... You Will Need Help
So far, we have established communication between you and the client / market. Two dimensional relationships in the digital marketing environment is no longer enough though.
your friends
need to be promoting and engaging you while you sleep.
did you catch the pun? ... bene "fish" iaries!
The digital marketing environment makes it incredibly easy and affordable to conduct on-going market research.

Objectively knowing how your value proposition, past and future, holds its value is critical.
Network marketing (not Amway) creates critical visibility.

Does it seem impossible to be

The big boys seem to suck up all the traffic?
Team Work (0:32)
This is a short fun video showing the power of network e-marketing and back linking. When people say links are the foreign "currency" of the internet, this video portrays the value of "linkage" quite well. Links are a form of partnership in the digital age.

Suggestion #1: Provide such valuable online content, that people create links to you. These are called back links.

Suggestion #2: Digital communication needs to become part of your mobile lifestyle not an item on the do list.
Suggestion #3
Carefully set-up affiliate marketing.
In closing, the key for success is to stay aware of change, embrace it, or be overtaken by it.
A Vision of Seamless Connectivity In The Future (2:23)
Here is a reality not too far off ...
We hope you enjoyed our Prezi. We would love your comments.
Need marketing help?
Call Us +1(817) 903-7895
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Are you an emperor with "new clothes"?
Quick! Where will you take your car wash business?
This was randomly chosen on 1 July 2012. Hopefully the business owners since then have submitted responses to correct the negative reviews and encouraged fans to submit their positive feedback.
Need more convincing?
The Mobile Movement Understanding Smartphone Consumers (2:53)
This video is B2C oriented, but with a little adjustment in thinking, there is significant implications for B2B applications as well.
B2C = Business to Consumer, B2B = Business to Business
We manage it or it manages us.
You as a person or ...
You as a team.
You as a business.
You as an organization. You as a project.
All humans or groups of humans that interact with society will have a brand; for better or worse. What is yours? What do you want it to be?
Who is "YOU"?
What is a brand (4:22)
Keyword / Keyword Phrase Optimization and Management

Most outbound and inbound marketing are digitally delivered and tagged. These tags are your keywords, and really your sub-brands in which you connect and create relationships. Keywords are effectively short hand for what is known as "marketing messaging".
Whether inbound or outbound your keywords are critically important.
We don't "catch" confidence
like we did yesterday.
Note: Don't be overwhelmed, there are e-tools to help you manage this. In digital marketing, it is important to remember the "eat elephant" analogy. One bite at a time.
The Social Media Revolution 2012 (4:22)
You have relationship!

Eureka is when they actively invite their network to join your mailing list.



This sustains & grows relationship.
Follow through on your commitment; your promise.
The Power of Links
Why Internet Visibility Is Critical
Google's Perspective on "Mobile"
The complexity of effectively running a marketing function in the future digital environment is growing. As a CPA is needed to help business owners manage a complicated tax code, professionals marketers are especially needed to manage the complicated digital market code.

The future is exciting but in many respects it is not getting easier.
Very interesting thesis as to how some of the best companies have value propositions with a totally different perspective than the norm. A few moments (not weeks of expensive consulting) on clearly establishing your "why", your "vision" might be worthwhile.
18:35 Simon Sinek: How Great Leaders Inspire Action
A few more good videos:
Five Star Customer Experience (1:07)
Whether we want to learn how to manage internet information or not, our customers are leveraging it like never before. A business will be scored and reviewed whether they want to be or not. Maintaining a"5 Star" score is not just nice but critical. In the digital age you pay much faster when you slack on customer service.
Using old 2010 data:
2.1B internet users
97% of consumers use online media when researching a purchase
87.8 billion monthly worldwide searches on Google
Need more convincing? Check out this video to appreciate the size of the digital market we compete in. To be visible you need partnerships, associations, links.
Internet Statistics 2012 (2:48)
Why Internet Visibility Is Critical
The Internet is Too Much Information To Manage
A view of the future of technology from Cisco (2:25)
In under 3 clicks can a client find you and call you or buy from you from their mobile device? Mobile devices are the key conduit for future relationship / partnership.
Are Mobile Devices / Smartphones Important?
Not in to the whole "brand", "vision", fluffy marketing stuff?
What is Affiliate Marketing?
Affiliate Marketing is giving others the ability to make a commission for promoting and selling your products and services through their website. Today's technology makes this as simple as a one click link. CAUTION: Many "get rich" scams in this space.
If you want more information, see the 3 minute video at the end of the Prezi called "What is Affiliate Marketing".
What is Affiliate Marketing?
What is Affiliate Marketing (3:29)
Affiliate Marketing is giving others the ability to make a commission for promoting and selling your products and services through their website. Today's technology makes this as simple as a one click link. CAUTION: Many "get rich" scams in this space.
Click Next Below
For More Video Collateral
Just as you rely on your cell phone to stay in touch with friends and family, it will become your central point of relationship and partnership in your business.
Use your scroll wheel to zoom in and out. Click and hold to drag the screen. Hover over video to select play button
This Prezi Has Six Sections and Takes About an Hour to Digest
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