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Monarch Butterfly

No description

Arnyquessah Chery

on 14 April 2014

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Transcript of Monarch Butterfly

The Monarch Butterfly is a beautiful poisonous butterfly in classification of lepidoptera.It is the only insect known to migrate 2,500 miles.It is bright orange with black,it has white spots on the outer margin.The Monarch Butterfly has a wingspan of 3-4 inches

Monarch butterfly:danaus plexippus
Monarch butterfly
The Monarch Butterfly has 1 pair of antennae,a head,abdomen,thorax,a compound eye,two pairs of wings,three pairs of legs,a proboscis and labial palps.The Monarch butterfly has a bilateral symmetry,and an exoskeleton.It is diurnal and cold-blooded.
Monarch Anatomy
Monarch Butterfly live all around the world in sub-tropical areas.They are found in gardens,marshes,fiels,meadows.They live through places like the USA,Southern California,Canada.Central Mexico,Hawaii and the Canary Island, New Zealand and Australia.
Monarch butterflies use their wings to move they flap their wings to move.While they're moving Monarch butterflies use different method to move.They use the sun as compass when migrating and they have an internal body clock that helps them work out what part of the day it is.
Monarch butterflies most common predators are frogs,birds,spiders,lizards and mice.One natural predator of the Monarch Butterfly is the Chinese Mantis,even though the Monarch is a poisonous animal and can kill animals with it's toxing.The Chinese Mantis is capable of identifying and approaching the Monarch in a different way to get out the toxin and then eat it.
Diet & Proboscis
Monarch Butterfly only drink liquid they drink liquid from plants,flowers and fruits.They feed on plants like red clover,alfalfa,thistle,wild carrot.They feed on nectar from flowers like lilacs and golden rods.Monarch butterflies suck in liquid using a proboscis a long flexible tongue-like straw,when in use it's uncoils and when not in use it coils up again into a spiral.
Senses & Breathing
Monarch butterflies use different method to sense things and breathe.Monarch butterflies have these Chemoreceptors on the clubs of the antennae that they use to smell,the Chemoreceptors that are on their legs help them to taste,they use their labial palps a mustache-like scaly mouthpart with sensory hairs and scales and test whether something is food or not t is located on each side of the proboscis. They use their setae(little hairs that are scattered all over their body it help them sense wind,gravity,and they are helpful fr flight. Monarch butterflies breathe by using their spiracles the spiracles have holes that open into a system of tubes called Trachea tubes that carry oxygen all over their body.Monarch butterflies communicate by using coloration-they open and close their wings .
Monarch Mimicry
The poisonous Monarch Butterfly is mimicked by the non-poisonous North American Viceroy(Limenitis Archippus).The Virecoy Butterfly is similar in color,shape,colorations and patterns but the Virecoy is markedly smaller and has extra black stripes across the hindwing.The Virecoy is not poisonous. Predators that avoid the Monarch butterfly will also avoid the Virecoy. This type of mimicry fits the mimicry of Batesian Mimicry(share same patterns,shape,coloration similar to the model but is not favorable to predators)
Camouflage/Disruptive Coloration
Monarch Butterflies have many ways of camouflage and disruptive coloration in the winter when migrating they cuddle together in the Omayel Fr tree to blend for protection from predators.Monarch caterpillars use Aposematic coloration(Aposematic coloration is a warning to predators:an appearance that advertises the presence of the potential item. when an insect is brightly colored it gives predators a message to stay away
Monarch Butterflies are poisonous they get their toxin from the MILKWEED plant (genus Asclepius) that the caterpillar(larva)eats ones the caterpillar eats the milkweed that contains the Cardenolide glycoside toxin it can make predators really sick and vomit but this toxin is not strong enough to kill humans.
Males vs Females
Monarch males look like the female monarchs but at the same time they have some differences.Male Monarchs have visible blacks spots(pheremones produced by the black spots to make themselves attractive to females.) on their hindwings and females don't have it.Females have thick wings Males have thin wings.And Males are usually bigger.
Monarch Butterfly Digestive System
Monarch Butterflies digest their food into a tube called alimentary canal that runs from mouth to ANUS(Anus:an opening at the opposite end of an animal's digestive tract from the mouth).
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