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Science Fair Presentation

No description

Anthony Tortolano

on 7 October 2014

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Transcript of Science Fair Presentation

Science Fair Presentation
The Effects of Bridge Design on Weight Bearing Capacity.
Why we chose this Topic
We chose this topic because we wanted to know which bridge design will hold the most weight.
World Relevance
140 billion dollars would need to be spent in order to repair every bridge in the States.
"Almost one in four bridges, while safe to travel, is either structually deficient, in need of repair, or too narrow for todays traffic volumes" - says a report.
Golden Gate Bridge
Summary of Experiment
Independent variable: Bridge design.
Dependent variable: Weight.
Constants: Popsicle sticks & other building materials.
It is hypothesized that the truss bridge model will hold the most weight because it contains the most architectural support.
Plans for the Future
Truss Bridge
1) Gather all materials. --> October 11th.
2) Diagram of each model. --> October 12th.
3) Build first bridge model. --> Oct. 19th.
4) Build second bridge model. --> Oct. 26th
5) Build third bridge model. --> Nov. 2nd.
6) Testing. --> Nov. 7th.
7) Final Presentation. --> Dec. 1st.
Types of Bridge Models
We will be using three different bridge models:
1) Truss.
2) Arch.
3) Suspension.
1) About 250 (+) popsicle sticks.
2) Crazy glue.
3) Scissors.
4) Weights (up to 250 + lbs).
A Popsicle Stick Arch Bridge
This is an example of a bridge model made out of popsicle sticks.
1) Create a diagram of each bridge design.
2) Place popsicle sticks: use diagram as a guide.
3) Glue them together.
4) Repeat steps 2 & 3 for the other two bridges.
5) Test the bridge and record data
6) Repeat step 5 (twice more)
Works Cited
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Thank You!
Thank you for listening to our presentation! We hope you enjoyed it!
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