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Dead Reckoning

Process of extimating one's current position

Jack Richburg

on 2 March 2016

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Transcript of Dead Reckoning

Dead Reckoning
Previous determined position (fix)
Advancing position based on:
a) estimated (know) speed
b) time (elapsed)
c) course (pre-determined)
60 D = S x T
60 - is used to convert the answer to minutes
D - is the distance. It will be in nautical miles.
S - is the speed. It will be in knots (one nautical mile per hour)
T - is the time. You must enter the time in minutes only.
Speed = 10 knots
Time = 45 min
Distance = S x T/60

10 knots x 45 min./ 60 = D
D= 7.5 n.m (nautical miles)
180 degrees
225 degrees
292.5 degrees
Getting a FIX
LOP (line of position)
Celestial (any heavenly body)
generally done at night
Drift - wind
Current - water

both change course at sea
D= 32 n.m.
60 min x 32 n.m = S x 50 min.
S = 38.4 n.m/hr
Point of View - /+ 180
Compass = 360 deg
One degree Latitude = 60 min = 60 nautical miles
AGONIC LINE is only place
Magnetic North is same as True North

T= 50 min
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