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Module 2.05 Assessment

No description

Clare Ruedi

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Module 2.05 Assessment

“Is today’s government living up to the Preamble?” 2. To Establish Justice 4. To Provide for the Common Defense 1. "To Form a More Perfect Union" Most often our country attempts at fixing the problem...trying to find a solution. We face domestic violence which our country must own up to and fight everyday such as prolonged riots, shootings, illegal drugs etc... 3. To Ensure Domestic Tranquility 6 purposes of Government: We have a military...a military which serves for United States citizens, no matter who you are or where you live. They protect us. We have the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Border Patrol, Coast Guard and the CIA. All of these for the most part are established to protect the people, us. Even if they don't always live up to their roles flawlessly, we can hopefully count on the government to keep them in check. Sometimes the government, or the President, has a hard time promoting the welfare of each citizen, which is understandable since you cannot please everybody. Although they never have it "all together" in a sense, we can trust in their assigned duty to promote the citizens health, economic and mental state. We know, and they know, what their expectations are. It's just a matter of voicing our opinions and voting in the right President who will keep the majority of the population in mind when enacting legislation for our benefit. 5. To promote the general welfare 6. To Secure the Blessings of Liberty All in all, I think our country is still united. Although we consist of separate states, our federal government is still running strong. Laws differ from state to state, but at the end of the day, our national government trumps all. Today the government is currently united in overcoming and reversing our debt and deficits...a true example of living and forming a good union in our country. Because of discrimination laws created more than 50 years ago, we, as Americans are free to live in peace knowing we cannot be discriminated against because of our race or ethnicity. This is such an important freedom we possess and continue to perfect in our country which many countries do not have. We also have established important death penalty observations, trial by jury, terrorist trials etc..all of which provide justice to United States citizens. It's hard to say that the government an the President have lived up to our liberties. Although I feel I can voice my own opinion and have the freedom to practice my rights as a citizen, there are times when I feel that the Bill of Rights have been overlooked upon enacting a piece of legislation. I have never felt fully secure that the government will make wise choices for me...that they are fully interested in the lives of the people. More than often, I feel as thought the government representatives are more interested in expanding the power of the government to themselves rather than the people.
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