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No description

Anyeline Toribio

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of Business

There is no success unless you work together creating a bond between players.
We offer practice from Mondays to Fridays for a monthly fee of only $45.00 (coed)
The purpose of the Volleyball Academy (RAIDERS) is to create a coed volleyball team where you can develop strong leadership skills and have a healthy, educative and sporting life with our help.
For more Information:
3833 Hemlock St
East Chicago, IN 46312-2383
(219) 354-0000
Together we stand, together we fight
All for one & one for all!!
Darleny Franco CEO
Anyeline Toribio COO
Lizardy Ariza CFO
Quialvin Carrasco Marketing
Important Information !!
We have the best volleyball materials available and on sale, special discounts are given to first time students. Do not let others fool you and buy from the best. Brands ranging from the well-known Mikasa, Wilson, Adidas and many more.
Equipments are available for class purpose only !
You can buy your own equipment to take home and practice
Giving Back To The Community
Academy for Language and Technology
We have created programs to help kids stay out of problems in the South Bronx. We have made it possible for the school Academy For Language and Technology to have a volleyball team.
Things like this is what makes us special, we give back to the community we come from and help them become more successful.
We also provide them with our special designed energy drink. This energy was a collaboration with scientist from BBDN. The drink provides long hours of energy, and it is better than the leading brand energy drink Gatorade.
We advertise our academy in important magazines and we will have a website specially made with all the information and contact numbers.
Blue Berry
Dragon Fruit
SWOT Analysis
Not everyone likes playing Volleyball.
People will get better at playing volleyball and have a chance to play with professional players.
You can be discovered and signed to play with a professional league.
There are other companies that provide coaches for a specific time and price.
Vision Statement
Mission Statement
This company offers the best products for people in order to be more healthy and play with energy. Also we want to be one of the most recognized companies of volleyball in the country. We want to grow in order to help our community.

It is our mission to completely simplify scalable leadership skills to meet our client's needs. We improve revenues and help the business run more smooth.
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