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Technology and Language Arts The Odyssey Proyect LNS

Larissa Nader

on 25 March 2010

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Transcript of Loyalty

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Peoples , Swineherds and Cowherds loyalty
Crew and odysseus loyalty
Penelope , odysseus wife
was not loyal to odysseus
at first. After Odysseus
proves to her that he really
IS Odysseus, then she starts
Penelope´s loyalty
Swineherd and Cowherds were odyseus
servants. They were loyal to Odysseus when one
of the suitors wanted to marry penelope, but they
didn't like the idea because they didnt like the suitors
and they really wanted to wait for Odysseus becuase
they missed him, and they wanted odysseus and penelope to
be together again.
Odysseus crew was really loyal
to Odysseus when they passed through
the sirens, he asked them to put some
wax in their ears , because if they heard
the sirens sing they would fall out of the
ship and they would be killed by the sirens, they did as they were told.
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