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Tsinandali Estate

No description

tata Kvatchadze

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Tsinandali Estate

Tsinandali Estate since 1680 Hotel-resort Tsinandali Today Exhbitions Concerts Traditional Cuisine Hotel Management Estate Decorative Park Enotheque History Tsinandali Estate has been attracting and hosting visitors since early 19th century, when the first Ambassador of Georgian Kingdom to King's Russia, Prince Garsevan Chavchavadze built his palace in the picturesque village of Tsinandali (Kakheti region, East Georgia). The Estate turned into a cultural center under the reign of his son, Prince Alexander Chavchavadze, General-in-Chief and a famous poet. An exquisite collection of 16,500 wine bottles is stored in the 19th century winery. The oldest bottle of Georgian wine - Tsinandali's Saperavi, dates back to 1841. The collection preserves such rare varieties of wines as French Chateau Yquem from 1861, Spanish Jerez from 1882, German Riesling from 1893 and many others. Originally designed by 19th century landscape designer, Dutch Alexander Ragel, and today managed by German Ludwig Trauzettel, the park fascinates both Georgian and foreign guests. A variety of exotic plants from all over the world displayed on 12 acres of land instantly catches the attention of visitors. Since 2007 Tsinandali Estate has been managed by Silk Road Group (www.silkroadgroup.net). The reconstruction works performed by the Silk Road group in partnership with Smithsonian Institution (chavchavadze/si.edu) have recovered authentic appearance of the Chavchavadze House-museum. The group has also renovated a historical Wine factory and the Enotheque. Two old houses located in the decorative park of Tsinandali Estate, were transformed into the hotels in 2008. The essence of vintage has been preserved till today. The hotels feature 22 modern rooms (double rooms, junior suits and suits), as well as conference and meeting facilities. Georgia is recognized to be the cradle of wine-making.
Kakheti region, eastern part of the country is famous for its exquisite wines and outstanding food. The traditional restaurant at Tsinandali Estate offers immense choice of fine wines and gourmet dishes. Welcome to Tsinandali! Piet Mondriaan H.J Weissenbruch Levan Mehuzla Piet Mondriaan Salvador DALI Pablo Picasso -
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