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Ancient Greek Olympics

No description

Kaitlin K

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of Ancient Greek Olympics

Olympics Kaitlin Present Day Olympics The Olympics today still take place today. They happen every four years. We have a winter and summer. The original Olympics were banned in 393 A.D. by Theodosius I. They were brought to the world again in 1896. There are many differences and many similarities between the ancient Olympics and modern Olympics. Introduction The Olympics are one of the
many things Ancient Greece has influenced on the world today, in fact, the Olympics were just this past summer so if you like sports and enjoy watching the Olympics, let's go back to where it all began... History The history of the Olympic Games begins all the way back in 776 B.C.
The Olympics originally began to honor the Ancient Greek God, Zeus. Many city-states participated. They would even set aside their differences and call off war so they could take place in the Games every 4 years. The Olympic Games is a Legacy of Greece and is a great honor to participate in. Then and Now. City-States -The city-states that participated were Athens, Sparta, Corinth, Agros, and Megara.

-Only men could participate and women couldn't even watch the Olympics they had to stay home.

- Sparta and Athens are the biggest rivalry of all and both dominate the ancient world. Where They Stand Sparta- they lie and cheat and do anything to win but can never get caught. They cheer only for their own team. They are proud and fierce. Athens- cooperate with your teammates. Do their personal best. Try to beat Sparta. Clever, creative, courteous Corinth- If they can't win they help Agros and Megara defeat Athens. Always be honest and cheer for all winners. Good sportsmanship. Agros- Try to make sure everyone knows that they are superior. Try and make Athens and Sparta lose. They are honest, loyal, and clever. Megara- Try to make Athens and Sparta lose, but if it comes down to the two, cheer for Sparta! Be proud of their city-state. They were a rich and vibrant city-state. Ancient vs. Present The ancient Olympics had only ten sports and events. Today there are around 300! The ancient Olympics lasted about 5 days and today they last about 16 or 17. The winners in ancient Greece won an olive wreath and today they win medals. (gold silver or bronze) In ancient Olympics only 5 city-states participated and today 204 countries participate! How are they the same? Alike? The ancient and modern Olympics are alike in many ways. One way is that the participants are the best or their country/city-state.
Another way is that the winners were both honoring their country/city-state. They were both held every 4 years. Sports & Events Let's look at all the sports similar and different between the modern and ancient Olympics. Ancient Greek Sports: Running Races
Horse Racing
Chariot Races
Pentathlon Present Day Sports: Basketball
Track and Field
MANY MORE! Sports Alike I think the Pentathlon is
and track and field are very similar because they each involve running and extra field events such as javelin throw or disc throw.
Also Horse Racing and wrestling. Ancient Sports 1. Boxing Boxing is a sport where you can punch, kick, jab, and basically have no rules. 2. Horse Racing Horse racing is a sport where the horse runs and tries to beat other horses normally jump over hurdles. 3. Pentathlon Pentathlon is most comparable to track and field because it involves a foot race and other field events. Present Sports 1. Volleyball Volleyball is a sport where a server has the ball and hits it over the net and the other team trying to return the ball in only three hits. 2. Swimming Swimming is when the athlete swims in water with many variations of the event. 3. Gymnastics Gymnastics is a sport that involves different events with flipping, spinning, and balancing. Conclusion As you can see the Olympics was a very monumental invention. And it is one of the many examples of how things from the past still live on today. So maybe the past isn't just boring things that happened a long time ago. Maybe it's what decides the future. Resources http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/primaryhistory/ancient_greeks/the_olympic_games/



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