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Greyson Cahill Curiosity Project

No description

Tracy Pope

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Greyson Cahill Curiosity Project

By: Greyson Cahill Curiosity Fact #1: Curiosity was launched
into space in 2011! Fact #4 All of the movements on
Curiosity were
practiced on Earth
before take off! Fact #2: The Curiosity rover
weighs 2,000 pounds,
as much as a small car! Fact #6 6,000 people worked on
Curiosity to finish it! Fact #7 Curiosity is about to
hit a little lip on Mars
where it will go up 20 inches. Fact #3: The Curiosity Rover
has been on Mars for 125
Martian Days! Fact #8 When almost touching
Mars, Curiosity was
lowered down
on 20 foot cables. Fact #5 People started working
Curiosity about
25 years ago. 1 Big Question:

Should the Astronauts go to Mars? Fact #9 Mars got its name from the god of war named "Mars" Fact #10 Humans have yet to find life on Mars. Fact #11 They have the same type of rocks on Mars as we do! Opinion #1 We need to learn more about Mars. Opinion #2 We should send astronauts to Mars. Opinion #3 I think we are very intelligent on the subject of Mars. Opinion #4 Curiosity is a very cool machine! Opinion #5 I think that we will find life on Mars one day! Opinion #6 I think it is cool that Mars has the same rocks as us on Earth. Opinion #7 We need to pay more attention to Curiosity than Mars. Opinion #8 The whole study on Curiosity is very cool. Opinion #9 I think Curiosity is very confusing Opinion #10 Mars is a very cool place.
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