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Conflicts and opinion clashes in Wikipedia

NetSci 2013 Satellite Workshop “Human Behavior and Network Science”

Taha Yasseri

on 25 July 2013

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Transcript of Conflicts and opinion clashes in Wikipedia

Conflicts and opinion clashes in Wikipedia
Robert Sumi, András Rung, András Kornai, János Török, János Kertész

Gerardo Iñiguez, Kimmo Kaski

Maxi San Miguel

Anselm Spoerri

Mark Graham
Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford
Taha Yasseri
Budapest University of Technology
Aalto University
University of the Balearic Islands
Rutgers University
Mass collaboration of unprofessional individuals from all around the world
Edit Wars
Revert network
Yasseri, T., and J. Kertész (2013)
Value production in a collaborative environment, J Stat Phys, 151(3-4), 414.
Long Time Scales
Bombing Dresden
Short time scales
Lady Gaga
Small M
Large M
Controversy increases Burstiness
Controversy increases Memory effects
Yasseri T, Sumi R, Rung A, Kornai A, Kertész J (2012)
Dynamics of Conflicts in Wikipedia. PLoS ONE 7(6): e38869
Yasseri T., Spoerri A., Graham M., Kertész J.
The most controversial topics in Wikipedia:
A multilingual and geographical analysis
(2013) arXiv: 1305.5566
Michael Jackson
Agent-Based Model
Bounded Confidence Model
Opinions, Conflicts, and Consensus: Modeling Social Dynamics in a Collaborative Environment
Török J., Iñiguez G., Yasseri T., San Miguel M., Kaski K., and Kertész J.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 088701
What else do we need?
Empirical vs Model
convergence parameter
Modifications to Model
Hetreheterogeneity among editors
Temporal characteristics
Agency and group formation


Counting all the mutual reverts with proper weighting according to maturity of both editors involved in the revert.
So What?!
Papers, Codes, Data, Lists
M top-10 lists
International pillow fight day, Budapest 2010.

English German French Spanish Czech
a belief about matters commonly considered to be subjective
struggle for agency or power in society
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