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No description

Jenna Ridley

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of HDR|DKS Final

G'Day! DKS has provided a linkage to all the HDR Market sectors to provide a "ONE COMPANY" approach to our valued Clients in QLD Everybody connected to HDR system & training commenced Re-assigned Contracts Finalise pursuit plan with Contractor for National Asset
Management Contract Leverage partnerships with T2 Contractors for Design/Construct Contracts Relocation of office BD3 Prequalification by end Feb '13 Highest Priority Initiatives MARKET OPPORTUNITIES Don't go through life...... grow through life! HISTORY OF DKS Fast Facts
Founded in 2005
20 staff
Turnover % Profit
3 streams in income
QA COMMON DRIVERS BETWEEN HDR & DKS Client for life philosophy
Winning Culture
Quality people
Well run business - Profitable Building HDR International Relationships What We Have Achieved to Date QA Re-assigned Asset Management D&C / ECI Planning Studies with
Local Councils WHERE I AM DRIVING THE BUSINESS Developing a Highway team with Bridge Capability Increase Transit Capabilities Develop a Rail & Ports Capability Develop Environmental Capability Develop Geotechnical Capability OUR BEST WORK Gateway Upgrade Project Winning Brisbane North Cycle Project - Open Tender, 10 Tenderers HDR|DKS Launch with Major Clients and Partners with Senior HDR Management Consistently given repeat work from major Client OPERATIONS TO-DATE Market slow - new government has to perform Net Fees Booked $2.02M Actual vs $2.27M Budget Equity position
stable Utilisation dropping Happy Little Vegemites! PURSUITS WE ARE CHASING SEQ Asset Management
D&C next phase of the Pacific Motorway
Planning studies with GCCC - Commonwealth Games
Planning transit studies with DTMR
Cross City Rail
Bruce Highway Upgrades
QML Asset Management
Ports & Rail prequalification with Townsville More for Less Ongoing collaboration with Architectural group Stabilise core business Profit 26% Actual vs 28% Budget 2013 Leadership
Forum Becoming the Best Mark Dykman, RPEQ need to win more projects Brisbane Airport Corporation - Aviation
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