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Spaceport Security

No description

LaTanya Miles

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Spaceport Security

What to Pack
Food & Toiletries!
You will need all of your everyday things including healthy food to survive on Mars.
Emergency Supplies
Space travel is risky business. You never know what may happen!

Mementos & Entertainment!
You defintely will want reminders of your favorite things and people so you don't get too homesick.
Travel Tips
There are many important similarities between Earth's climate and Mars' climate, such as polar ice caps, seasonal changes, and the observable presence of weather patterns. The atmosphere however, is thin, cold and dry and contains alot less oxygen than Earth. only 1 But be prepared for the extreme temperatures in space.
Once you leave Earth's atmosphere, you will enter a microgravity environment. Be prepared!
Mars is nicknamed "The Red Planet" because the Iron Oxide prevalent on its surface gives it a reddish appearance. Look out for lots of dust storms, too!
Things to remember when packing for space
There's limited space for packing, so remember to keep things small and lightweight.
Doesn't make lots of trash!
It's important to keep the spacecraft clean. Anything that produces lots of trash isn't
good for space travel.
Get ready for the vacation of a lifetime on...
Pack Your bags!!
What are Spaceports?
Have you ever taken a long trip before?
How did you get there?
What did you pack?
Spaceport vs. Airports
Security Checks
Commercial Travel
Outer space/other planets


Buckle Up..
As you prepare to blast off to the Red Planet. Discuss all that you know about Mars with your crew!
NASA only flies
well-trained astronauts to space? How will you get to
La Grange Spaceport
How did you feel?
Will you take
a car?
A boat?
Or will you
take an airplane?
You've just arrived at the La Grange Spaceport only to discover Spaceport America has lost your spacecase! You must repack using our SCH Store
You will depart for your journey to Mars from Spaceport America
Don't forget you're journey to Mars takes about 8 months and 8 months to return. You have to pack all your food supply. You will be away from your friends, family and all the things you know on Earth for a very long time.
Get Started!
You're total packing weight is 2lbs. for each crew member.
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