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Hero Cycle for Odysseus

No description

Marco Sanati

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Hero Cycle for Odysseus

Departure Call to Adventure Crossing the First Threshold Refusal of The Call Supernatural Aid Belly of The Whale Odysseus' Hero Cycle Initiation The Road of Trials Meeting With the Goddess Woman as Temptress Atonement With the Father Apotheosis The Ultimate Boon Return Refusal to Return The Magic Flight Rescue from Without Crossing of the Return Threshold Master of Two Worlds Freedom to Live Summary The timeline of Odysseus begins at his home in Ithaca, where he is asked to fight In Troy. After fighting for 10 years, and winning by means of a big wooden horse, him and his men set sail for home. The adventure home contains many trials, twists, and challenges namely: fighting a cyclops, sacrificing men to a six-headed monster, and visiting a king to receive a bag of wind. After a year many months of trying to venture home, he, Odysseus, is the only survivor and is swept away to an island on which he is trapped for 7 years with Calypso who tries to gain his love. With word from Hermes, Odysseus is set free to go back to Ithaca, where suitors have now invaded his home, and are trying their hand at Penelope, his wife. Odysseus travels to many places, before finally returning home, where he has to defeat the suitors, and prove to his wife he is real. In our story the call to adventure occurs while our hero is still in his ordinary world. He is asked to venture to Troy where Nestor has kidnapped Helen, Menalaus's wife. Not wanting to leave his wife and newborn son, Odysseus attempts to circumvent his duties by acting insane. His plot is ruined, while plowing crooked lines in the fields, his son is placed in front of the plow in the mud, Odysseus picks him up, proving him sane. After accepting his duty, Pallas Athena, the goddess of all knowledge, encourages, guides and advises him throughout the epic. Our hero's crossing over to the unknown is represented by his journey to troy on the ships. He nervously awaits his fate in troy as he travels across the sea. After 9 years of failure to breech the walls of Troy, Odysseus and select men enter the gates in the belly of a giant horse built by the Greeks. The Trojans thinking it as a sacrifice too the gods wheel it into their city. Odysseus plans to open the gates at nightfall, thus breaching the wall. 1)After the success in troy, Odysseus and his crew set sail for Ithaca, after many days, some of the men convince Odysseus to weigh anchor and loot a small village for food and wine. After a good feast, the men drunkenly fall asleep on the shores of the village. The villagers return and slaughter many of the men. 2) After sailing for many days, the ships anchor off shore of an island, on which they find a cave with, wine, cheese, bread and sheep to eat. After a great feast they are trapped inside the cave by Poseidon's son the cyclops. Every day the cyclops eats 2 men, and starves the rest, until Odysseus devises a plan to escape. He feeds the cyclops some potent wine to put him to sleep, then plunges a burning stick into his eye. 3)After sailing for many more months, their ships anchor
outside the city of King Aeolus, in which they receive a gift, a bag of wind, which they use to sail back towards Ithaca. Odysseus and his men come across an island, Circe a goddess who turns his men to swine, eventually agrees to help them depart from the island. In the case of our hero, the Woman as Temptress branch of the hero cycle occurs before the meeting with the goddess. Odysseus's men are shipwrecked on her island and being a powerful sorcerer, she turns them all to swine. With help from Hermes, Odysseus becomes immune to her powers and she agrees to help them depart from the island on the condition that he shares her bed chamber with her. Upon leaving the island, Circe recommends that he visits the land of the dead, a feat few have accomplished over the years, to seek council with Tiresias, who then tells him that if he returns home he will be rejected, and unknown by his former family. After receiving help from Circe, and visiting the land of the undead, his crew begin to wonder if he is a god, because of the luck, and moral strength that Odysseus obtains. Throughout the story, Odysseus's Goal has been to return to his family in Ithaca. At this point in the story he has accomplished this goal, although he is not able to return to his family, because he fears he will not be know to them. Upon arrival to the city, Athena presents herself to him bearing beggars clothes and the advice to devise a plan before returning home. There are many points in the story where refusal to return is considered by Odysseus. Although there is one outstanding from the rest. Odysseus, while on the island with Calypso, is offered immortality on the condition that he rest with her for eternity. This step occurs well before he achieves his ultimate boon. After his return to Ithaca, Odysseus studies his home as a servant, and even dines with the suitors that are trying to bed his wife. He devises a plan to defeat them, by shooting them with arrows. Again, this step does not occur after the ultimate boon. Rescue from without is interpreted as his liberation from the island, by word of Hermes. Once again, Odysseus is thrown into the world of the unknown once landed on Ithaca. In order to return, and cross the return threshold he must devise a plan to kill the suitors. He tells his son Telemachus of his return, who in turn helps him defeat the suitors. Mastery of the 2 worlds occurs just before the slaughter of the suitors. There is a contest held, whoever can string and shoot a bow through 12 rings can have Penelope's hand in marriage. Odysseus strings the bow, shoots the arrow through the 12 rings and proceeds to shoot many of the suitors. Penelope fears that this Odysseus may be a god in disguise, and tests the theory by telling on of the house servants to move the bed in their chambers. Odysseus intervenes and points out that this would be impossible because one of the posts is made of a living olive tree. Penelope accepts the return of her husband, and is able to live in peace with him. FIN
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