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Memento in Chronological Order

By: Irene Martinez, Fabiola Rico, Blanca Hernandez, Kevin Tiscareno, and Jairo Vallez

Jay Wright

on 24 March 2015

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Transcript of Memento in Chronological Order

Memento Chronological Timeline
Leonard wakes up in a motel room
he feels like he has been there before, but he
is not sure why.
The main character Leonard Shelby starts the movie with a reverse sequence of the action that he has done.
He looks around the motel room only to reveal that he knows only the basics of his life. He mentions Sammy Jankins had the same contidion he did, only his notes made him get confused. That is why according to Leonard "you need a system if you are going to make it work".
After months of doing the same conditioning test, Sammy was not responding. This made Leonard aware that Sammy's problem was phsycological and not physical. On the other hand, Leonard can work by conditioning; according to him "I lived the way Sammy couldn't by conditioning".
Sammy was never faking his condition; Sammy's wife believes that he can eventually recover from his illness. To Sammy's wife it seems as if he was just prettending at times because he always had this slight look of recognition on his face.
Leonard keeps record of his investigations
in a folder where he summarizes all his found informaiton. There was a stash of drugs in the car that just didn't convince Leonard. He thinks John G. (the guy who killed his wife) was a drug dealer and police did not bother to look for him.
The police did not believe Leonard's condition just like Sammy's wife didn't believe Sammy. Sammy's wife had confessed to Leonard that she had attempted to make Sammy recuperate his old life by making him tests. Leonard lied to Mrs. Jankins by telling her that Sammy could be physically capable to create new memories, which gave her hope.
Leonard notices his tatoo which indicates him to not answer the phone. After telling his clerk to disregard all phonecalls to his room, Leonard recieves a mysterious envolope that contains a picture of him. This tricks him into answering the phone which makes him nervous because he thinks he is talking to a cop.
With the condition that Leonard has, he mentions that he has very little credibillity. He believes it is a way to get back at him for not believing Sammy. The truth about this condition is that in reality he does not know anything; one moment he can have one emotion and the next he forgets.
Sammy's wife found a way to test him to see if his condition was real. She made him inject a large dose of insulin to her (since she was diabetic) and she saw that he wa not faking it but it was too late. Afterwards, Mrs.Jankins died and Sammy became sad, the only problem was that over time he did not remember his wifes death and he became very lonely,
It turns out that the officer that Leonard was talking to was Officer Gammel (or according to him he is Teddy because he is undercover). They are both working togehter to get this "John G." that is why Leonard needs the officers help. Instead, Teddy tricks Leonard into getting a false "John G".
Leonard Shelby wakes up
in a motel room.
Leonard then tells the man he is speaking on the phone with how his wife was murdered. Two men broke into his home, although he shot one dead the second man ambushed him, hitting his head against the mirror, causing his insomnia.
He vows revenge for his wife’s murder. He becomes determined to find and kill this second intruder.
Revenge becomes his main goal in life. He creates a system to help him function, tattooing messages all over his body helping him to get through each day. This includes the clues “male” “white” “drug dealer” and “John or James G”
Teddy tells Lenny the man he’s looking for can be found at an abandoned warehouse. He goes there and kills a drug dealer named Jimmy Grants.
Teddy arrives a few minutes later and Lenny discovers he’s been conned. Although Grants was a drug dealer, he had nothing to do
with his wife’s murder.
Teddy reveals (assuming Lenny would only forget) that his wife actually survived the attack. Instead she was killed by an insulin overdose, given to her by Leonard.
He then reveals that Sammy Jenkis was just a fraud who wasn’t even
married. He also reveals he’s a cop named John Gammel.
Teddy admits he manipulated Lenny to kill the dealer for the $200,000 in the dealer’s car. Gamel had set him up by falsely claimed to have been bringing drugs for him to buy.
Before Lenny has time to forget these revelations, he prepares himself to kill Teddy by writing down Gamel’s license plate number, ready to be tattooed as being John G’s. He steals Jimmy’s car and clothes.
He gets rid of Teddy by tossing his keys away. He drives to the parlor where he gets the tattoo.
While there he discovers a note in Jimmy’s clothes, believing it’s for him he goes to the bar and finds Natalie.
She offers to help him but instead tricks him into tracking down a man named Dodd who has been harassing her over her boyfriend’s drug money.
He confronts Dodd and forces him to leave town. In return, Natalie traces the license plate.
She gives Lenny a copy of Gammel’s driver’s license and he matches it to Teddy.
He takes Teddy to the same abandoned building he killed Grants a few days before and shoots him in the head.
He comes to the conclusion that Teddy is the John G. that killed his wife.
Gamel claims he took pity on Leonard and helped him kill the real John G over a year ago, thinking it would bring his memory back. It didn’t however and Lenny still thought he was hunting his wife’s murderer.
The system is all about being organized. Over time, you learn how to trust your own handwritting. Knowing where you put your notes is very important and it becomes a habit. The most vital notes are recomended to be written in your body, that way you can keep a permanent note.
While talking on the phone Leonard is quesitoned about Sammy Jankins. He mentions Sammy to people because Sammy's story helps him understand his own situation. Except Sammy confused his notes; Leonard came up with a solution to this problem by using habbit routine.
Leonard met Sammy though work where he was an investigator. This helped him distinguish between people who lie and it also tought him how to use his instinct.
Sammy's case is one of the strangest one's yet; He's a 58 year old accountant that suffered a car accident with his wife. Ever since then, Sammy has been acting strange and cannot make short term memory. That's where Leonard comes in, his wife calls the insurance company, and he notices that Sammy can only do complicated tasks as long as he knew them before the accident. Lastly, Leonard mentions that Sammy has this "slight look of recongnition" that is why he thinks Sammy might be faking it.
Leonard finds in his research that by conditioning Sammy, he can learn how to do something new. The point of this research was to see if Sammy could learn how to do new things, not by memory but by instinct.
People tend to create their own reality in order to be happy and satisfy their own needs.
The director used PARALLELISM in his tale of Mento because there are similarities between the
tale of Sammy Jankins and Leonards life. In the end the audience discovers that Leonards life was Sammy Jankins'.
ISICOLON is used in the movie; both scenes when Sammy (or Leonard) kill their wife by accident by gving her a shot of insulin.
CLIMAX; Leonard discovers that Officer Gammel was the one who tricked him into killng various John G's and that is when he decides to set up Teddy as a new John G.
ANAPHORA: There is a constant reppetition of the story of sammy Jankins which is also used for Leonard's conditioning.
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